Funtastic Friday Link Party 85

Welcome to Funtastic Friday #85! This will be my last Funtastic Friday as a co-host. I appreciate my time with you all and these “funtastic” ladies seen below. This is not the end of me however! I hope to continue coming up with thrifty and unique creations, such as this fun alphabet wooden letter block toilet roll holder!

DIY a wooden letter block toilet paper roll holder

Now on to the party!

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How To Update a $68 Builders Ceiling Fan

How to update a builders ceiling fanWe live in Arizona and it’s hot. H-O-T!! Ceiling fans (and air conditioning and ice cream and cold lattes) are a must. So as we melted away in our fan-less kitchen, it was time to swap out the ginormous chandelier that came with the house for something much ‘cooler’.

And finally this project has moved to the top of the list after we scored a deal on a plain ole white ceiling fan from the local hardware store.

Out with the mega chandelier (no takers on Craigslist, go figure!) and in with an eclectic take on a standard builders ceiling fan…
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How To Quickly Transform Old Baking Pan Into a Wall Frame

How to transform an old baking pan into a wall art picture frameDo you have any much-used but scratched up baking pans in your pantry? Have you baked all the brownies you can bake in some old, tired pan? Instead of tossing it, give it a second chance at life by transforming it into wall art.

Baking pan as wall art? Yep, you heard right. From a pan we picked up at an estate sale, learn how to take an old pan and quickly transform it into an unconventional piece of art.

This project is easier than whipping up a pan of brownies (which sound really good right about now)!
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How To Make a Water-Proof Swim Bag

How to make a water-proof swim bagDo you toss wet towels and suits into your bag only to find they have soaked through and onto whatever the bag was sitting on? Now you have a wet car seat or soggy magazines.

Did you know you can make any canvas tote bag water-proof? No need to purchase pricey, designer swim or beach bags when adding your own water-resistant liner is beyond easy. It does require you to know how to sew… a straight line. That’s it.
Check out how I made personalized, water-proof swim bags for my kids from a $6 canvas tote…

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Make Easy and Quick Beach Door Decor in 10 Minutes

Make easy and quick beach door decor in 10 minutesRaise your hand if you’re ready for some beach time.
As a “zonie” (aka: Arizonan), one can only take so much of the dry, desert heat before you literally crack and need some moisture.

So while I wait a couple more weeks until our annual pilgrimage to the California coast, I decided to bring the beach to my front door with the easiest and the quickest beach door decor.

Grab your sand pail and see how I did it…
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Quick and Easy Ways to Create a Rad and Retro Kitchen

Retro Kitchen Design IdeasDo you find yourself suddenly loving a decor style you hadn’t previously? Lately, I’ve found myself drawn to all things radically retro and very vintage. (As I type this, I’m looking at a brass table lamp I picked up at a thrift store. Hello, 1980s! Is it because I’m quickly approaching #40?!)

So when I saw this turquoise, totally retro-inspired kitchen stove by Big Chill, it was practically calling my ‘frazzled’ name. How much more fun would it be to cook dinner after a long day on this stove? Let alone how creative you could get to decorate a room around an appliance of all things?! You got it. So fun!
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How To Use Paper Goodie Bags To Make a Patriotic Garland

How to make a patriotic garland from paper goodie bagsAre you in need of a fast yet 100% USA decor idea? Did you look at your calendar and see that you are hosting a Red, White and Blue party that’s like a week away?! If you answered ‘yes’ to any of those questions, then you and I are in the same boat.

I almost fell off my chair when I saw that a party I sent out invites for a while back was now days away and I haven’t yet started to plan food, drinks and most importantly, the decorations. (Deep yoga breathing.)

So when I saw these patriotic paper goodie bags, I knew I could do something quick and crafty and get this USA party started…
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Create a Garden Planter from a Candelabra In 3 Easy Steps

How to turn a candelabra into a garden planterWelcome to Frazzled-Free Fridays {17}!

When a local thrift store was closing its door, we stocked up on all sorts of random, not necessarily needed, stuff. Some of it still sitting in the garage including the subject of this post – a rusted candelabra. What to do with this large, freestanding thing?

When in doubt, take it out…side! So that’s how this thrift store find was transformed into garden decor in 3 easy steps. See how I did it…
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How To Celebrate: Pancakes and Pajamas Birthday Party

How to host a pancakes and pajamas birthday partyRaise your hand if you like pancakes! My seven-year old daughter certainly does. So much so that we hosted a simply pink Pancakes and Pajamas-themed birthday party for her #7.

A gaggle of giggly girls showed up on party day dressed in pajamas and some awesome bed head, ready to play pancake party games, decorate their own pillowcases and eat as many silver dollar pancakes as they could manage!

On a “maple syrop” budget, here are some easy-to-replicate ideas for a simple Pancakes and Pajamas birthday party…
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How to Paint a Color Block Accent on a Door

How to paint a color block accent to a doorWelcome to Frazzled-Free Fridays {16}!

Do you have a bland, boring door in your midst? I do. Mine leads to a little powder room off our combined mudroom-laundry room. A cream-colored door in a cream-colored room flanked by a white washing machine and dryer on one side and a white mudroom cubby system on the other. I don’t know about you but b-o-r-i-n-g.

So I grabbed a can of paint and a small dose of courage – not because I’m afraid of color but because I didn’t want to have to repaint the door should it not turn out – and set to adding a color block accent to this rather dull door.
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