Create a Garden Planter from a Candelabra In 3 Easy Steps

How to turn a candelabra into a garden planterWelcome to Frazzled-Free Fridays {17}!

When a local thrift store was closing its door, we stocked up on all sorts of random, not necessarily needed, stuff. Some of it still sitting in the garage including the subject of this post – a rusted candelabra. What to do with this large, freestanding thing?

When in doubt, take it out…side! So that’s how this thrift store find was transformed into garden decor in 3 easy steps. See how I did it…
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Funtastic Friday Link Party 80

Welcome to Funtastic Friday {80}! Have you been hiding out in the A/C? We’ve had extremely HOT temps here in the Southwest the past week. Unfortunately, it seems to make you want to lay on a pool float instead of getting DIY crafty! However, I did manage to add an interesting color block to an otherwise bland door as well as host a gaggle of 10 giggly 7 year olds for a Pancakes and Pajamas Birthday Party!



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Funtastic Friday 80 Most Viewed Easy Overnight Breakfast Casserole

Easy Overnight Breakfast Casserole @ Easy Peasy Pleasy


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How To Celebrate: Pancakes and Pajamas Birthday Party

How to host a pancakes and pajamas birthday partyRaise your hand if you like pancakes! My seven-year old daughter certainly does. So much so that we hosted a simply pink Pancakes and Pajamas-themed birthday party for her #7.

A gaggle of giggly girls showed up on party day dressed in pajamas and some awesome bed head, ready to play pancake party games, decorate their own pillowcases and eat as many silver dollar pancakes as they could manage!

On a “maple syrop” budget, here are some easy-to-replicate ideas for a simple Pancakes and Pajamas birthday party…
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How to Paint a Color Block Accent on a Door

How to paint a color block accent to a doorWelcome to Frazzled-Free Fridays {16}!

Do you have a bland, boring door in your midst? I do. Mine leads to a little powder room off our combined mudroom-laundry room. A cream-colored door in a cream-colored room flanked by a white washing machine and dryer on one side and a white mudroom cubby system on the other. I don’t know about you but b-o-r-i-n-g.

So I grabbed a can of paint and a small dose of courage – not because I’m afraid of color but because I didn’t want to have to repaint the door should it not turn out – and set to adding a color block accent to this rather dull door.
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How To Quickly Recover Barstools and Add A Padded Back

How to recover barstools and add a padded backWelcome to Frazzled-Free Fridays {15}!

Have you ever purchased something from your local Craigslist? Interesting adventure, isn’t it?! Once you weed through the weird and wacky, there are some awesome gems out there. Case in point, our kitchen barstools.

We were on the hunt for six of them. We found four stools from a former ice cream parlor, who once seated folks enjoying banana splits and extra spinkles, and found another two from an auto body shop, previously covered in grease and motor fuel. See how new fabric can bring life to an old item AND how I added padded fabric to an unpadded back.
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How To Make an Astro Turf Outdoor Pillow

How to make an astro turf outdoor pillowAn astro turf pillow? Yep, you heard right. I got a wild idea to make some durable outdoor pillows to survive our intense Arizona sun. And what is more durable than some fake grass?! If burly football guys and fast-moving soccer players can play all day on it, then these decorative pillows should definitely be able  to withstand my three active kids who are seemingly unphased by our insane heat.

Check out how I “faked” my way to fun, summery outdoor decor using faux grass and simple tools!
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Make Your Own Swim Shirts + FREE Templates

How to make your own custom swim shirts using freezer paperWelcome to Frazzled-Free Fridays {14}!

If the kids are out for the summer then it means that swim team season is upon us. As a swimmer myself, there’s something enjoyable about sitting poolside while watching kids hang off the lane lines, swim zig zags down the pool or come up from a dive with goggles ajar and swim shorts taking on water. Oh, the fun of being a Swim Mom.

Given my role as the carrier of wet bags and swim meet chauffeur, I might as well have a t-shirt that says so! Grab a cute tank…
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How To Make a Knock-Off CB2-Inspired Modern Flower Pot

Make a Knock Off Crate and Barrel Inspired Modern PlanterI have a multi-pocket file folder, that I’m pretty sure I’ve had since my college days, that I store ripped out pages from catalogs and magazines. Call it an ‘I Want My House To Look Like This’ book or a ‘Someday When I Have Lots Of Time, I Will Make’ book. Whatever its name, this beat-up file folder houses all sorts of torn-out inspiration, including a little gem of a unique modern planter from Crate & Barrel (CB2, to be exact).

There’s nothing like a good knock-off challenge! See how I created my own version of a CB2-inspired modern flower pot. (Scroll down to bottom of post for a comparison!)
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How To Make Flowery Front Door Decor Using Plastic Nursery Pots

Make Flower Decor Using Plastic Nursery PotsIf you were to come up my driveway, tucked in next to the garbage can, you would see two large stacks of those black plastic nursery flower pots. I practically had to wrap caution tape around these stacks to keep my husband from tossing them.

“I have plans for these”, I would tell him.  He would give me the look, stare at me for a beat, and then move on because he wasn’t going to win the discussion.

What I didn’t reveal is that I didn’t have an immediate stellar creative idea as I stared at these stacks. But once I got that creative brain burst – probably in the middle of the night and why I’ve now started using nightly eye cream – check out this very easy, thrifty flowery front door decor idea.
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