Make an Easy Rustic Halloween Garland with Painted Pinecones

Create a Fall and Halloween garland using painted pinecones | DazzleWhileFrazzled.comHappy Fall! I’m excited to be sharing with you how to create an easy rustic Halloween garland using painted pinecones on Made In Craftadise.

Stop by and check out how I easily and quickly put this garland together to bring a rustic touch of autumn to my home. Grab the kids and head outside to scour the yard (or maybe the neighbor’s!) for your main crafting supply – pinecones.

Once they are cleaned (soaked in a water-vinegar bath for 30 minutes followed by baking at 200° for 30 minutes), grab your craft brush and paints to create a quick and easy hand-painted touch of Halloween. Visit Made-In-Craftadise for the tutorial.

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Easily Turn a Tray Into Unique Frame For Old Photo

Turn a tray into a unique photo frame | DazzleWhileFrazzled.comDo you have a soft spot for discount home decor stores? I certainly do. [Un]fortunately, there just happens  to be such a store conveniently located within minutes from my daughter’s elementary school. And, yes, I stop there frequently. Most times, I’m faced with the ‘hard choice’ of cruising the aisles of this home goods store or waiting in the chaotic school parking lot for school to let out. Can you guess which choice often wins?!

I often justify my wasting time in this store by heading to the clearance sections first. And it was in this area that I found a pink mirrored tray heavily marked down to $4.99. I snatched it up. I had no creative vision in mind but c’mon, it’s a bargain at $5! Continue reading

How To Easily Makeover a Kid Step Stool with Paint

Update a kid step stool with paint | DazzleWhileFrazzled.comOh, the days of stepping over the kiddie stool at the sink in order to wash your hands. Part of the bargain of having pint-sized roommates, I suppose. So what do you do when the kids outgrow the cars and trucks design on said stool but still need it to brush their teeth? You give it a thrifty makeover.

Give the kids a few hardcover books to stand on (start with your husband’s old business books that are dust collectors) and take the truck laced kid step stool into the great outdoors to begin the mod transformation.
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How To Make a Mesh Pumpkin Wreath in 5 Steps

How to make a mesh pumpkin wreath in 5 easy stepsWhat do orange and green have in common? If your answer is pumpkin, treat yourself to a yummy pumpkin spice latte, glazed pumpkin scone or maybe just another trip to the craft store!

Since a visit to the craft store may be more calorie-friendly than devouring the season’s tasty treats, add some green and orange mesh to your shopping cart along with some patterned grosgrain ribbon. Some you’ll be closing your door on a shiny new pumpkin wreath… on your way to grab your pumpkin spice latte! Continue reading

Use Fabric Scraps To Make Easy, Fun Fall Pumpkins

Make Fall Pumpkins Using Your Fabric Scraps in Non-Traditional ColorsWho says autumn decor must consist of a lot of orange? Or the traditional accents of green, maroon or brown? Let’s toss those expected autumn colors like a kid tossing a nicely racked pile of leaves!

And when one has a towering pile of fabric bits and pieces like I do, stuffed precariously in a basket, this is a great crafty project to use up some of those fabric scraps…so you have less guilt when you go out and get yourself more textile treasures! Here’s to autumn…
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Unique, Creative Outdoor Door Wreaths To Make For Fall

Outdoor Fall Door Wreath RoundupAnyone ready for some cooler weather? Is it time to pack away the flip flops in exchange for jeans and boots? Even if the weather isn’t quite as crisp as you’d like (hello Arizona!), at least you can bring out the fall colors and decorate as though the leaves are falling off the trees!

I’ve gathered 10 really fun and creative fall wreath ideas to help you start thinking in terms of oranges and greens and browns. Pull out the glue and floral wire, and get ready to Do-It-Yourself a fall outdoor door wreath!
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Make Easy Picture Frames From Old School Papers

Turn old report cards into photo framesMy mother-in-law has been stopping by recently and dropping off some of my husband’s 40-year-old things. We’ve inherited old yearbooks, the leather folder his college degree came in, a collection of old toys and a rather large manila folder of his elementary school report cards. Oldies but goodies?!

Some of the items have been easier to slip into the recycle bin than others! But I did hold onto his old report cards. I had an idea on how to re-purpose them into a craft for our children and keep these old school memories…

Do you have a stress-free idea you’ve created? Send me a note and tell me about it!
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How to Hide Laundry Hookups with an Easy Cork Board

How to hide unsightly laundry hookups with DIY cork boardWe all have a universal problem. Those of us that do the bulk of the laundry, that is. When standing in front of those machines for way too many hours of our lives, we have to stare at unsightly, usually lint-covered, laundry hookups.

I don’t know about you but doing laundry is up there with grocery shopping with three young kids at snack time. Not a fan. So give yourself a more pleasant view when standing in front of those machines…all the time…and hide the laundry hookups.
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Make an Easy 5 Minute Custom School Backpack Tag

Welcome to Frazzled-Free Fridays!

Is it happy back-to- school time where you live? Our kiddos headed back this week. The house is noticeably quieter and calmer although the constant drop-off/pick-up driving brings about its own level of stress!

This time a year is always so fresh-looking! The kids are wearing non-scuffed-up shoes, stain-free outfits and shiny new backpacks and lunch boxes. (How long will they stay this way, right?!)

Since you may already be feeling the pain of all this back-to-school shopping, let me show you how to make not only the quickest backpack tag BUT the cheapest!

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Quick and Easy Teacher Gifts Using Tin Cans

Back to School Teacher Gifts using Tin CansRaise your hand if you’re ready to send those kids that you love, love, love so much back to school?! Summer has been fun and busy and memory-filled but it’s time. Time to hand them lovingly over to those amazing teachers for seven hours a day!

And this is why I want to gift these great teachers with a small token of appreciation as we kick-off a new school year.

Learn how I used a variety of tin cans to create a trio of quick and easy teacher gifts as we [read: mommy] excitedly wait for the First Day of School!
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