Make Easy Picture Frames From Old School Papers

Turn old report cards into photo framesMy mother-in-law has been stopping by recently and dropping off some of my husband’s 40-year-old things. We’ve inherited old yearbooks, the leather folder his college degree came in, a collection of old toys and a rather large manila folder of his elementary school report cards. Oldies but goodies?!

Some of the items have been easier to slip into the recycle bin than others! But I did hold onto his old report cards. I had an idea on how to re-purpose them into a craft for our children and keep these old school memories…

Do you have a stress-free idea you’ve created? Send me a note and tell me about it!
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How to Hide Laundry Hookups with an Easy Cork Board

How to hide unsightly laundry hookups with DIY cork boardWe all have a universal problem. Those of us that do the bulk of the laundry, that is. When standing in front of those machines for way too many hours of our lives, we have to stare at unsightly, usually lint-covered, laundry hookups.

I don’t know about you but doing laundry is up there with grocery shopping with three young kids at snack time. Not a fan. So give yourself a more pleasant view when standing in front of those machines…all the time…and hide the laundry hookups.
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Make an Easy 5 Minute Custom School Backpack Tag

Welcome to Frazzled-Free Fridays!

Is it happy back-to- school time where you live? Our kiddos headed back this week. The house is noticeably quieter and calmer although the constant drop-off/pick-up driving brings about its own level of stress!

This time a year is always so fresh-looking! The kids are wearing non-scuffed-up shoes, stain-free outfits and shiny new backpacks and lunch boxes. (How long will they stay this way, right?!)

Since you may already be feeling the pain of all this back-to-school shopping, let me show you how to make not only the quickest backpack tag BUT the cheapest!

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Quick and Easy Teacher Gifts Using Tin Cans

Back to School Teacher Gifts using Tin CansRaise your hand if you’re ready to send those kids that you love, love, love so much back to school?! Summer has been fun and busy and memory-filled but it’s time. Time to hand them lovingly over to those amazing teachers for seven hours a day!

And this is why I want to gift these great teachers with a small token of appreciation as we kick-off a new school year.

Learn how I used a variety of tin cans to create a trio of quick and easy teacher gifts as we [read: mommy] excitedly wait for the First Day of School!
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This Is How We Splish Splash Our Way to The Olympic Games

Rio 2016 Olympic GamesThis is a sponsored post for SheSpeaks/P&G. All opinions and thoughts are my own.

Do you have a future Olympian cartwheeling off the couch, swan diving in the bathtub or splish splashing around the backyard pool? Only time will tell if we have a future Olympian in our house!

But we do have a great love of all the warm weather sports, particularly swimming.
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How To Make a Wood Letter Block Toilet Roll Holder

Don’t you love it when you not only come up with a creatively random idea but can locate your building supplies in your kids playroom?

And so this was how I wound up negotiating with my pint-sized, 4-year old roommate about using his wooden letter blocks to create a quirky toilet roll holder.

He drives a hard bargain, even threw in some tears for extra effect. Once we decided we could still be “best friends”, even with my using his toys on a project, it was time to start “blocking it up”…

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How To Update a $68 Builders Ceiling Fan

We live in Arizona and it’s hot. H-O-T!! Ceiling fans (and air conditioning and ice cream and cold lattes) are a must. So as we melted away in our fan-less kitchen, it was time to swap out the ginormous chandelier that came with the house for something much ‘cooler’.

And finally this project has moved to the top of the list after we scored a deal on a plain ole white ceiling fan from the local hardware store.

Out with the mega chandelier (no takers on Craigslist, go figure!) and in with an eclectic take on a standard builders ceiling fan…
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How To Quickly Transform Old Baking Pan Into a Wall Frame

Do you have any much-used but scratched up baking pans in your pantry? Have you baked all the brownies you can bake in some old, tired pan? Instead of tossing it, give it a second chance at life by transforming it into wall art.

Baking pan as wall art? Yep, you heard right. From a pan we picked up at an estate sale, learn how to take an old pan and quickly transform it into an unconventional piece of art.

This project is easier than whipping up a pan of brownies (which sound really good right about now)!
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How To Make a Water Proof Swim Bag

How to make a water-proof swim bagDo you toss wet towels and suits into your bag only to find they have soaked through and onto whatever the bag was sitting on? Now you have a wet car seat or soggy magazines.

Did you know you can make any canvas tote bag water-proof? No need to purchase pricey, designer swim or beach bags when adding your own water-resistant liner is beyond easy. It does require you to know how to sew… a straight line. That’s it.
Check out how I made personalized, water-proof swim bags for my kids from a $6 canvas tote…

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Make Easy and Quick Beach Door Decor in 10 Minutes

Raise your hand if you’re ready for some beach time.
As a “zonie” (aka: Arizonan), one can only take so much of the dry, desert heat before you literally crack and need some moisture.

So while I wait a couple more weeks until our annual pilgrimage to the California coast, I decided to bring the beach to my front door with the easiest and the quickest beach door decor.

Grab your sand pail and see how I did it…
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