Make an Easy, Simple DIY Christmas Pillow Cover

DIY Modern Christmas Pillow Cover | DazzleWhileFrazzled.comEvery year, when I haul out those holiday decor boxes, it’s literally like Christmas morning. It’s as though I pack away all things red, green and white when the holidays are over, and then completely forget about what I have for a year. (That or I’m just quickly approaching the forgetful age!)

As I pull paper-wrapped goodies out that survived a year crammed in a bin in the garage, the one thing I didn’t have in these too many holiday boxes were any Christmas-y pillow covers for the couch.

Here’s how I quickly sewed up a DIY Christmas pillow covers using fabric remnants…

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How to Make an Easy Holiday Photo Tin Can Vase

Are you a holiday movie junkie? Clearly I am. My husband rolls his eyes when he finds me watching a sappy holiday movie on the Hallmark channel…as early as October! (I admit it’s a little much to see Santa Claus while I still have jack o’lanterns in my front yard.)

There are some movies I could watch year after year and still enjoy them as much as I did the first time. One of them being the Family Stone. Do you know this movie? Gotta love a dysfunctional family at Christmas!

See how I created a very easy and simple holiday craft inspired by the movie Family Stone and the importance of family this time of year.

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Do Your Cyber Monday Shopping with Awesome Gift Ideas

Cyber Monday shopping ideas for awesome and unique handmade stocking stuffers.Cyber Monday! Whoever came up with the notion of shopping in your pajamas with cup of coffee in hand was genius. How can this not be your absolutely favorite way to shop!

I’m a less ‘frazzled’ mom when I don’t have to drag the kids to the store with me on the quest for something, anything, for that someone on my list. Being a stressed out shopping mama is no good to anyone!

I have compiled some really fun shopping guides to keep you calm and cool this holiday season while you lounge on the couch, fave online tool in hand, keeping the chaos at home instead of in a store.
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Enter the 12 Days of Christmas Giveaway!

Enter to win prizes at the 12 Days of Christmas Giveaway | DazzleWhileFrazzled.comIt’s almost that time of year to start checking your list. Once, twice or maybe like 12 times! Between now through December 12th, enter to win the 12 Days of Christmas Giveaway for any fabulous mommy, baby and little girl gift prizes.

Check out the 12 different prize collections inside. Enter as many times as you’d like! There is a different prize collection to be given away on December 12th.


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How to Use a Shower Caddy as a Vertical Planter

My mother saves a lot of stuff. Sometimes the most random items are brought over. Do I really need a collection of plastic takeout salad boxes? (Ironically, I did keep a couple of those boxes in order to dye coffee filters for this pumpkin project. Go figure they’d come in handy.)

One such peculiar item hauled to my house was a metal shower caddy. For all I know, this was probably saved from my college days…way too many years ago! This random goody I did snatch up knowing immediately what I’d do with it…
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Make a Merry Welcome Holiday Chalkboard Plate Charger Sign

Make a holiday chalkboard plate charger | DazzleWhileFrazzled.comHave you ever walked out the door to find your spouse on a sudden and manic clean-out-the-garage mission? The kind of serious business where the garage belongings are now sitting pretty on the driveway, your secret stashes and clutter exposed for the entire neighborhood to enjoy? As he emerges from the swirls of garage dust from his determined sweeping, I’m greeted with a no-messing-around “Why are we holding onto this thing?”

One such garage clean-out finds was a decorative metal plate charger. An inherited belonging to a late aunt. It’s always hard to get rid of items that belonged to a beloved family member, which is why this plate charger was buried in a pile of I-don’t-know-what-to-do-with-this-but- I-can’t-get-rid-of-it assorted items.

With this plate charger now thrust in my hands, I set about giving this garage “trash” a treasured new life…
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Make an Easy Clean Thanksgiving Table

How to create an easy clean-up Thanksgiving table | DazzleWhileFrazzled.comHave you ever noticed that the dinnertime clean-up takes longer than it takes folks to eat the food? Holiday or not, the food seems to get consumed at some break-neck speed with nothing left but dirty plates, crumpled napkins and crumbs on the floor as evidence a meal just occurred.

So this Thanksgiving, why not cut yourself some slack and focus on the food, family and dinnertime drama instead of a sink full of dirty plates and silverware?

See how I used plastic tablecloths and paper plates to create an easy clean-up Thanksgiving table.
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Get Vintage and Retro Ideas For Easy Gift Giving

Retro holiday gift guide | DazzleWhileFrazzled.comAre you grooving for some cool and different gift ideas this year? Vintage, mid-century modern, retro. Regardless of how exactly you want to define it, these throwback styles are in these days. And that makes me happy. I’ve been finding myself totally drawn to these old school decor looks and vintage accessory items.

So I have compiled a great collection of retro and vintage-inspired finds on Etsy so you can start checking off that gift giving list today.
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Make an Easy Thanksgiving Wreath From A Paper Bag

How to Make a Thanksgiving Turkey Wreath from a Brown Paper Bag | DazzleWhileFrazzled.comGobble, gobble! As the media likes to inform us this turkey time of year, Thanksgiving is America’s most expensive dinner. When you add in knick knacks to gussy up your table and all those mini pumpkins to put all over the house, no doubt, it’s a pricey holiday.

So if you want to be a Thrifty Turkey this year, request your frozen Butterball be bagged in a brown paper bag. Learn how to use a standard grocery brown paper bag to create a Thanksgiving turkey wreath. Google that up!

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