Good Luck Clover St. Patrick’s Day Front Door Decor

Create St. Patrick's Day Budget Crafts

Dollar Store Ribbon Clover

The Luck of the Irish is just around the corner! I’m excited to be participating with 15 fellow bloggers to create St. Patrick’s Day crafts on a $10 budget. The challenge was to shop the dollar section of our favorite stores, or just roam the aisles of our local dollar store, and create budget St. Patty’s Day crafts.

Here is how I made my Good Luck Clover Front Door Decor out of cardboard and a variety of $0.99 colored ribbon.

St. Patrick’s Day Blog Hop Budget Crafts

I love a good challenge! And being of Irish descent, I got this!! Knowing I wanted to make some type of front door decor but not a traditional wreath, it was oh so very lucky that I thought up a super simple Good Luck Clover cardboard and ribbon door (or wall) decoration.

Good Luck Clover Supplies
– Variety of rainbow-colored ribbons
– Flat piece of cardboard
– Hot glue gun (I already had this.)
– Floral wire (Ditto.)
Create Budget St. Patrick's Day Crafts
Good Luck Clover How To
Lucky Step #1: Sketch out a simple rainbow cascading into a four leaf clover design onto a flat piece of cardboard. Because this is your lucky day, here is a free four leaf clover template.Create budget St. Patrick's Day craftsLucky Step #2: Wrap a piece of floral wire around the middle section of the cardboard. On the backside, twist the two ends together and form a loop. This will be what you will hang your Good Luck Clover decor with. (Disregard the coloring. My 4-year old thought it was his to draw away on. Oh the joys of preschoolers!)
Create St. Patrick's Day Budget Crafts
Lucky Step #3: Begin hot gluing the ribbon to form your rainbow. Leave a small end of the ribbon dangling off the cardboard. You will glue this end to the backside of the cardboard. Attach the ribbon in a cascading, figure eight manner.
Create St. Patrick's Day Budget Crafts
Lucky Step #4: Once the rainbow is complete, begin making your good luck clover, applying the green ribbon in the same manner.

Luck ‘o the Irish Friendly Tip: Don’t worry about completely covering the cardboard the first time ’round. Go back and fill in any empty spots, or areas where the cardboard is peeking through, with extra ribbon. I cut and glue strips to fill in such areas.
Create St. Patrick's Day Budget Crafts
And the final product!
Create St. Patrick's Day Budget Crafts



30 thoughts on “Good Luck Clover St. Patrick’s Day Front Door Decor

  1. Cheryl@ Sew Can Do says:

    This is really cute. Would love to feature this next week if you have a link party page or link back to Craftastic Monday. Couldn’t find one, so if you do or add it, let me know and I’ll be happy to showcase you:) Thanks for linking to Craftastic Monday at Sew Can Do!

    • DazzleWhileFrazzled says:

      Hi! I’d love to be featured. I did have a link back to Sew Can Do at bottom of my page but I updated it to Craftastic Monday.

  2. Kim~madeinaday says:

    I love this it is so fun! I was saving it for closer to the holiday for my P3 features. So clever. Stopping by to let you know you are being featured on Friday’s P3 Party post! Have a great week! Thanks for pinning!

  3. Jessica H. says:

    This is SO cute! I would have never thought to use ribbon to create a fun piece of door decor! Thanks for linking up for Maker’s Mix-Up! Hope to see you again this week!

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