Snowflake Wreath Made of Leftover Puzzle Pieces

I seem to have developed this “habit” of over-volunteering for things at my daughter’s school. Which is how I became the “Room Parent” for my daughter’s 1st grade classroom. Which is also how I found myself tasked with creating a classroom art project for the school’s Winter Arts Festival’s silent auction. What??!! The challenge: create a project led by 6 and 7 year olds that would be attractive enough to warrant a few bids at the silent auction and earn $ for the school. What??!!

After spending too much time Googling and Pinterest-ing in a quest for a creative spark, I stumbled upon a puzzle piece snowflake ornament. I took this concept a step further by creating a puzzle piece snowflake wreath. Let’s put the pieces together…
Snowflake wreath I collage

From old puzzles to glittery snowflake wreath

After getting the A-Okay from the teacher and a time set aside to come in and work with 25 active 6-7 year olds (what??!!), I set out to get my snowflake puzzle wreath on!
Pick Your Pieces
As you already know, puzzles come in all sorts of shapes and sizes so decide on which type of puzzle pieces you want to work with. I opted for a medium size puzzle piece. I went to a handful of thrift stores to find my puzzles. But easier yet, use any missing-pieces-kids-don’t-play-with-it-anymore puzzle you may already own.

Can Never Have Too Much Color
A little spray paint + primer and some glittery acrylic paint later, we were ready to take these “snowflakes” to the kids. To add some variety and depth to the wreath, I Modge Podge’d some puzzle pieces together to make larger flakes.
Snowflake Wreath I collage 2
The Shape of the Day is Circle
To make the job of adhering individual, glittery puzzle pieces together to form a snowflake shape, I cut cardstock circles on which to glue the pieces. Once all the kiddos glued their snowflakes together, a small 1″ craft mirror was added. Hey, even a cardboard puzzle needs some bling! Snowflake Wreath I collage 3

We All Need Support
I added some popsicle sticks to add extra support to the large snowflakes. After giving the sticks a simple spray paint, I cut three sections out of one stick and glued them to the back of each snowflake. This is an optional step but I didn’t want pieces breaking off. And while I had the spray can out, I gave my wreath form a coat of color as well. Once dry, I covered it with some of the glittery acrylic paint.
Snowflake Wreath I collage 4

Get Your Pieces In Order
Now the fun part; arranging your snowflakes on the wreath form. Simply put, just glue and place. Once everything is set, add a layer of Modge Podge for extra security.
Snowflake Wreath I collage 5
And Now For The Grande Finale
Because there are 25 kids in my daughter’s class, resulting in 25 snowflakes, I decided to hang two of the prettier snowflakes in the center. (Also, I just didn’t have any more room for them on the wreath!) To do this, I glued one end of fishing wire to the cardstock circle and sandwiched it between a second cardstock circle. The other end of the fishing wire was wrapped around the wreath form and hidden under the bow. And voila, some hanging snowflakes!

Add a pretty bow and hang on your door. Prepare for compliments and comments!
Snowflake Wreath I collage 6This post contains affiliate links. To read more, please visit my disclosure page.

Have leftover puzzle pieces? Check out another puzzle wreath idea in my project gallery.

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23 thoughts on “Snowflake Wreath Made of Leftover Puzzle Pieces

  1. Patty says:

    Great idea! I have a few puzzles with missing pieces I think I will use to try this. I love the name of your blog also because your right, even when frazzled we can dazzle!

  2. Cecilia says:

    Coming over from the Share It One More Time party! I love this! It caught my eye right away and I just had to know how you created it. And wow, with first graders. I’m impressed! Very, very cool. I would buy it at your school fair. 🙂

  3. Alison says:

    These are seriously cute! My husband and I love puzzles, and a puzzle wreath would be completely fitting as a decoration around here. We’ll have to give this a try for next Christmas!

  4. Carolyn G. says:

    I love this project idea! Will definitely get some puzzles and keep this in my project stockpile for grandchildren visits. My granddaughters always want to do a craft project at Ama’s house. Thanks for sharing.

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