INSIDE: DIY “Hugs and Blooms” 5-minute Valentine’s Day flower gift box with free printable card. Easy teacher or neighbor gift.

DIY 5-minute flower gift basket with printable Valentine's Day gift tag. Easy teacher neighbor friend gift for Valentine's Day

You either love Valentine’s Day or you don’t. But regardless of how you feel about this Hallmark holiday, you have to admit, most folks like receiving flowers.

Pack a bloom in a cardboard treat box and attach a “Hugs and Blooms” printable tag in this Valentine season’s fastest gift. This 5-minute DIY Valentine’s Day flower gift is an easy way to show your love for a friend, neighbor or your child’s teacher, or anyone you want to win over.

Kinda like the grown-up version of a kid’s homemade Valentine’s card box but one that’ll last long after this heart-filled day is over!

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Make a 5-Minute Valentine’s Day Flower Gift + Printable Card

This DIY Valentine’s Day gift just as easy as buying something pre-made at the store. Show off your love of crafting!

Need some kid Valentine card ideas for classmates? Check out my mini stamper DIY Valentine’s Day card and plastic bug Valentine’s Day card.

– White cardstock for a home printer
Cardboard treat box
Tissue paper
– Small potted plant, like a tulip or succulent
– Twine or ribbon
– Hole punch

affordable flower gift for valentine’s day

Because I love my children’s teachers, I’m that mom in the morning with toddler in tow, dodging small children through campus, to deliver flower blooms to various classrooms.5-minute Valentine's Day flower bouquet gift basket with printable gift tag

Simply print out the printable gift tag, cut and make a small hole punches.
"Hugs and Blooms" Valentine's Day flower gift basket with printable tag

Download to print out at home. Link below. For personal use only.

“Hugs and Blooms” Valentine’s Day card

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