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Fantastic DIY Trends

DIY fun swim ladies t-shirt for summertime using freezer paper stencil and fabric paints.
Dazzle While Frazzled, the Founder’s Story

Hi, I’m Victoria! I am the busy mom to three kids, ages 5-10.

Even though I’m sorta reserved in personality, when it comes to our home, it is full of color, unique DIY home decor projects and lots of quirks and character. I love that my ideas aren’t what you may find all over Pinterest. 

I have been a regular craft contributor for CreateForLess.com. I have written for these publications.

DazzleWhileFrazzled was ranked a Top 60 Craft Blogs 2017-2018 by RankedBlogs.

My DIY decor projects and crafts have been featured on Huffington Post, GoodHousekeeping.com, BuzzFeed  and on popular websites such as Tatertots & Jello, She Knows, Knock Off Decor, Hometalk and DIYIdeaCenter.

DazzleWhileFrazzled ws a Top 25 Blogger in 2017 on FaveCrafts.com and was included in the Top 100 Easy Crafts of 2018 on DIYIdeaCenter.com and is Top 50 Crafter to Follow. DazzleWhileFrazzled also received a 2018 DIY and Home Bloggers award by Pro Tool Guide.

DIY fun swim ladies t-shirt for summertime using freezer paper stencil and fabric paints.
Dazzle While Frazzled, the Story in 2020

Hi, I’m Johnny. I acquired Dazzle While Frazzled from Victoria because I was impressed with her work on the site and building a following on Pinterest!

I saw an opportunity for me to add value in the space and was thrilled to find out that Victoria was happy to oblige.

Being a tech nerd who spends most of his time inside, I knew I would need help with this incredible project.

That’s what I’m most excited about actually!

I need your help, dear reader. I need to know what you want to see on the site. What kinds of content would help you the most?

Do you know someone who is trying to get started in the DIY space and needs help launching her or his platform? I’d love to help them by giving them an opportunity with the new Dazzle While Frazzled!

If you have any questions or ideas, please let me know. Email me: hello[at]dazzlewhilefrazzled[dot]com

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Meet the Dazzle Team

Mariah Swigart is a teacher and camp coach who has passion for education. She shares research, crafts, and personal experiences to inspire vibrant and fun activities for the whole family!


Johnny is a tech geek who loves the DIY community and is excited to help families get more involved creating things in, and for, their wonderful homes!


Jennifer is a speech therapist and soon-to-be mom learning the ropes of the DIY world as she prepares to craft a beautiful space for her family! 


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DWF is No Longer Using Google Analytics

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We’re Not Using Google Ads Anymore

We’re Not Using Google Ads Anymore

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Announcement: New Community for Dazzle While Frazzled!

Announcement: New Community for Dazzle While Frazzled!

Welcome to a New Community Frontier I decided I wanted to provide a space for the Dazzle While Frazzled community to come together to make meaningful connections with each other. Personally, I've cut most of social media out of my life. It's been fantastic, honestly....

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