INSIDE: How to easily and affordably build a wooden bedroom bench. How to build upholstered DIY wood bench for home.

How to make a bedroom bench for $71. Easy DIY wood + fabric upholstered bench.

They say (whoever “they” is) that your bedroom should be your sanctuary. Yet, for us, the master bedroom is usually the last room to be decorated and finished. Far from that so-called sanctuary. And this has been true for every house we’ve lived in.

But with most of the company house projects checked off the list, I can actually focus on a room most folks never see …our bedroom.

The one thing I’ve wanted in this room is a bedroom bench to sit at the foot of the bed. And here’s how I accomplished that for $71…

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How to Build Affordable Wooden Bedroom Bench

I’ve wanted something for the foot of our bed for a long while now. Something to hold all the pillows come bedtime, a pretty place to “casually” toss a blanket like you see in Pinterest-worthy bedrooms. And note to my husband, this is not a catch all for your clothes. ????

Let’s get building!

– Pre-cut pine board
16″ mid-century modern table legs
Angled mounting plates for table legs
– Wood stain
– Drill
Foam padding
– Home decor fabric
Staple gun

how to build $70 upholstered wooden bedroom bench

Depending on what type of legs you buy and whether you want to paint (or stain) them, you may need to sand them first.

Once ready, apply the wood stain or paint.

Sand and apply wood stain or paint to pre-angled mid-century modern table legs for DIY wooden bedroom bench.

I also opted to stain the underside of the bench board. For all the times I’m on the floor searching for my glasses or the remote control, I’d like to look up and see a finished bench.

With all pieces stained/painted and now dry, drill the angled mounting plates onto the four corners of the board. If you are upholstering the bench, be sure to leave room to staple the fabric. We did not and had to move the mounting plates. Oops!

Drill angled mounting plates onto wood pine bench board for DIY bedroom bench.

Screw the legs into the mounting plates. You now have a bench!

how to easily add fabric onto wooden bench

Place the foam cushion pad onto the bench and cover with the upholstery batting. Pull tight and staple the batting into the (stained) underside of the bench.

Cover wood bench with cushion foam and upholstery batting for easy, affordable DIY wood bedroom bench.

Lay the home decor fabric onto the ground and place the bench on top. Ensure enough fabric can easily fit around the bench.

I like to leave the tricky sections (otherwise known as corners) to the very end. So I always start stapling somewhere in the middle and work my way around.

How to staple fabric into wood to make your own wooden upholstered bench.

Pull the fabric as tight as you can, turning over the fabric’s raw edges so the piece looks finished.

Not bad for a DIY investment of $71! I found this comparable bench on Amazon for $130!!

Add affordable decor to your master bedroom or entry foyer with DIY wood and fabric upholstery bench.


DIY wood and fabric bedroom bench for $71.