INSIDE: How to use astroturf to create a DIY astroturf outdoor pillow. Add faux flowers for touch of color and summer fun.

How to make an astro turf outdoor pillow

An astro turf pillow? Yep, you heard right.

I got a wild idea to make some durable outdoor pillows to survive our intense Arizona sun. And what is more durable than some fake grass?! If burly football guys and fast-moving soccer players can play on it all day, then these decorative pillows should definitely be able to withstand my three active kids who are seemingly unphased by our insane heat.

Check out how I “faked” my way to fun, summery outdoor decor using faux grass and simple tools!

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How to Make an Astro Turf Outdoor Pillow

If you have ever sewn a throw pillow, this idea is very similar. Except instead of thread, you have a staple gun and in place of a sewing machine, you must rely on some upper body strength.

So down a quick protein shake and “fake” your way to some unique outdoor decor.

Astro turf
Staple gun (I used something like this)
1/2″ length staples
– Scissors
– Flathead screwdriver
– Hammer
– Plastic bags
– Optional: Artificial flowers

how to use astro turf for diy outdoor throw pillow

Step 1:
This is a messy project so if you can work outside, it’ll save you from having to add ‘vacuum’ to your To-Do list.

Lay the astroturf out. Since mine came in a roll, I folded one end over so the turf sides were facing.

Just like when sewing a pillow – right sides together. Determine how large you want the pillow to be and cut the turf with scissors.

How to make an astro turf outdoor pillow
Step 2:
Grab your staple gun (make sure there are staples inside!) and a cardboard box. You need a surface for the staples to plunge into.

Begin stapling the pillow, one side at a time.

How to make an astro turf outdoor pillow
Step 3:
After stapling one side, gently pull it out from the cardboard box and turn in over so the open staples are facing you.

Using a flat head screwdriver, bend the staples downward. Once down, hammer the staples flat. This is best done on a hard surface.

How to make an astro turf outdoor pillow
Step 4:
Once all sides are securely stapled, begin to turn down the pillow so the right sides are facing out.

Since astro turf is stiff, this is easiest done by rolling it down from the top. Push out the corners. You should end up with something that looks like a grass bag…

How to make an astro turf outdoor pillow
Step 5:
Since this is an outdoor pillow, I opted to stuff mine with plastic bags.

I stuffed it about halfway before adding the flower stems.

how to add flower stems to outdoor pillows

To add the stems, use the end of the scissors and poke it through. Thread the flower stem through.

Curl/bend the stem so it fits within the pillow. (Looks like a bunch of weird worms, doesn’t it?!)

How to make an astro turf outdoor pillow
Step 6:
Finish stuffing the pillow with plastic bags.

Time to close up the pillow. Fold down the raw edges so turf sides are facing each other. Repeat the above process of stapling the pillow together.

How to make an astro turf outdoor pillow
How’s that for some easy, fun and cheery outdoor decor!

How to make an astro turf pillow

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