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DIY Welcome Home cat gift basket by filling litter box with LitterMaid Premium Walnut litter, cat food, cat toys.

I have a confession to make. I’m not a cat person. But when my sister announced she was the proud new owner of a cat and introduced us to her little fur ball, oh mon dieu, I was smitten.

Taken herself by this furry feline, my sister wasn’t exactly prepared for her new four-pawed roommate. She was missing all sorts of important kitty cat things, like you know, a litter box.

So, for anyone bringing home a pet friend, help ease the transition with a “welcome home” gift basket of practical four-pawed items like LitterMaid® Premium Walnut, cans of food, toys …and an super easy DIY cat bow tie because one is never too young (or furry) for high style!

Make a Cat Gift Basket with DIY Pet Bow Tie

Walk the aisles of pet supplies and the items are endless for putting together a “welcome home” gift basket for a furry feline. And with a few scraps of fabric, you can add a DIY cat bow tie for a fun gift for any new pet owner.

What to put in a “Welcome Home” cat gift basket:
– Litter box
 LitterMaid® Premium Walnut
– Cat nip
– No scratch spray
– Cans of food and treats
– Assorted toys, like balls and shoelaces

DIY Cat Bow Tie supplies:
– Fabric (I used felt scraps)
– Sewing thread + needle
– Two (2) plastic rings (size depends on pet’s collar)

How to make a pet bow tie using fabric scraps and easy sewing skills.

easy “welcome home” kitty gift basket with diy cat bow tie

I made this kitty cat bow tie in about 10 minutes. Super simple!

Start by cutting out a long strip of fabric. Mine was approx. 9″ long x 2″ wide. Make yours longer (or shorter) depending on size of pet.

  1. Fold the ends on the fabric into the middle of the strip. Overlap them slightly.
  2. Cut a second piece of fabric. Wrap it around the middle of the fabric to form a bow shape.
  3. Hold the pieces in place with a couple pins. Quickly sew together.
  4. Attach two plastic rings to the backside of bow. Slip pet’s collar through the rings.

Four steps to how to make a DIY pet bow tie using fabric scraps and easy sewing skills.

How’s that for high feline style?!

diy no sew cat bow tie in new kitty gift basket

Our furry four-pawed friends not only need lots o’ love but also need lots o’ stuff, like a place to do their business. And that’s why I filled my kitty cat litter box gift basket with LitterMaid® Premium Walnut. There’s lots to learn for a new cat owner, all things litter box being one of them!
Put together fun and practical Welcome Home cat gift basket by filling a litter box with LitterMaid Premium Walnut litter, cat food, cat toys.

Have you ever been to someone’s home and it smells like cat? I know I have! With LitterMaid® Premium Walnut, you get fragrance-free litter that neutralizes those litter box odors. Made with premium walnut shells, it is also 99% dust-free making for not only easy clean-up but helpful for those affected by household allergies like dust.

DIY pet bow tie made with fabric scraps as part of a DIY Welcome Home gift basket for a new cat owner.
Our little friend is intrigued by his gift basket!

How to make a 10-minute DIY cat bow tie as part of a new cat owner "welcome home" gift basket.
Cute and furry!

Easy DIY cat bow tie made from felt fabric and simple sewing skills.

diy easy cat bow tie in a cat gift basket

Learn more about LitterMaid® Premium Walnut on Facebook and Instagram. I purchased all these “welcome home” cat gift basket items at my local Walmart in their expansive pet department.
Buy LitterMaid Premium Walnut litter at Walmart for easy Welcome Home cat gift basket for new cat owner.
How do you show your furry friend some love?

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