INSIDE: How to make a chalkboard sign from old hot dog bun warming tray. Family motivational words of year with DIY chalkboard.


Fun DIY chalkboard sign for home with family words of the year from repurposed metal hot dog bun warming tray.

Some husbands bring flowers. Others bring chocolates. Mine brings me an old hot dog bun warming tray. Yep, I’m so lucky …because I truly love it. He knows me, and our house, so well.

From the industrial kitchen to our small home kitchen for five, this old square tray will be the focal piece in this room. Instead of carrying hot dog buns, it will now be holding motivational words.

Grab your sanding block and chalkboard paint, it’s time to find some inspiration!

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How to Make a Chalkboard from Old Hot Dog Bun Tray

When the clock strikes midnight on January 1st, some folks declare a word of the year. In the past, we have chosen a family word of the year for our young family to focus on.

This year, in place of 21 hot dog buns, we have chosen 21 motivational words. The hope is that, instead of typical dinnertime antics, these words will serve as dinnertime conversation starters for our young kids.


– Hot dog warming tray
Sanding paper or sanding block
Chalkboard paint
– Drill
Sisal rope
– Wall hook

How to repurpose old metal hot dog warming tray into motivational words of the year chalkboard sign.

how to repurpose a hot dog bun tray into chalkboard

Turns out this old hot dog bun tray has a non-stick coating that doesn’t like any type of paint! We learned this tidbit through trial-and-error.

So grab some type of sanding paper and rub off any coating. Think of it this way, it’s a great arm workout!

Use a sanding block or sanding paper to rub off non-stick coating on metal hot dog bun tray before painting with chalkboard paint.
Rinse off the sanding debris. Once dry, grab a brush and paint on the chalkboard paint.

I lost count of how many coats this old metal tray required but it was many!

Use chalkboard paint to turn old metal hot dog bun tray into motivational word of the year chalkboard sign for home.

Use a drill + metal drill bit to make a hole in each side of this metal tray.

Insert sisal rope through each hole, securing with a knot on each end. Hang over a hook of choice.

Insert sisal rope through metal tray to hang DIY chalkboard sign on the wall.

how to make word of the year chalkboard sign for home

As a family, we all brainstormed words that are important for us to focus on or areas we want to strengthen over this next year.

Whenever kids are involved, there are sure to be some funny suggestions but if it gets everyone talking, these parents are game!

Turn a metal tray into family words of the year to initiate dinnertime conversation.

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