INSIDE: How to make fun superhero wall decor and superhero emblems using (clean) paint can lids. Superhero kids and man cave decor.

DIY superhero gallery wall using paint can lid superhero emblems |

Sometimes the strangest things can make for the most interesting decor. Case in point, paint can lids. Clean, of course. Who would’ve thought they’d make for some perfect superhero emblems?

My husband for one. He’s the family’s resident go-to for which superhero has what power, which one’s the ‘bad guy’ and ‘are they all friends’. You know, the typical questions a super curious 4 year old will ask while his superhero clueless mom quietly wonders the same thing.

Join me as we continue to create a superhero-themed room for said preschooler, sparked by my husband’s inheritance of a box of not-going-to-make-us-wealthy old comic books

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How to Make Fun Paint Can Lid Superhero Wall Decor

Did you know you can pick up clean, unused paint can lids at a paint store? You can! Of course, you may have to buy both the lid + can just to get the lid. So now I have five paint cans sitting in my garage that I didn’t need but for a $1.50 purchase, this is a crafty deal.

Grab your paint can lids and start superhero-ing!

– Clean paint can lids (This is what I used)
– Free downloadable superhero emblems (I used these)
Mod Podge + brush
– Colorful scrapbook paper
– Plastic spatula (I used something like this)
Triangle Hangers (small)
Gorilla Glue

How to Use Paint Can Lids for Fun Superhero Wall Decor

Super Strength Step #1:
You will use the outside of the paint can lid. Measure the circumference of the inside circle, aka: the round flat top part. (Mine measured 5.5″.)

DIY Thrifty Superhero Paint Can Lid Emblems Wall Decor
As Fast As Lightening Step #2:
Download the free round superhero emblems, or create your own if you’re a graphic designer whiz. Since I can’t even pretend to be, I went the freebie route. I then imported them into an editing program and re-sized to fit the paint can lid.

WONDERful Step #3:
Print out and cut emblems to size. If the emblems don’t fill the space or are not shaped round (i.e. Superman, Batman), cut a circle from colorful scrapbook paper to serve as your background. You will place the super emblem on top of the scrapbook paper.

DIY Thrifty Superhero Paint Can Lid Emblems Wall Decor
Super Human Step #4:
Apply a ring of Mod Podge to paint can lid. Apply the paper emblem on top of the glue. Use your plastic spatula to gently press away any bubbles or wrinkles.

DIY Thrifty Superhero Paint Can Lid Emblems Wall Decor
Friendly Tip: Don’t cover the entire lid with Mod Podge, as I did on my first emblem. It’ll cause too many unmanageable wrinkles once the paper is applied and then, well, you’re up a super creek.

Spidey Sense Step #5:
To hang, simply use Gorilla Glue to adhere a small triangle hanger hook to the backside of the lid. Once dry, hang.

DIY Superhero Paint Can Lid Emblem

How to Make Kids Superhero Emblem Decor

Super decorators assemble! You don’t need superhuman skill to create super awesome decor.

DIY superhero gallery wall using paint can lid superhero emblems |

DIY Superhero Paint Can Lid Emblem
At the end of the day, always remember… Truth, Justice and Thrifty Superhero Wall Decor.

How to Use Old Comic Books for Superhero Gallery Wall…

Make a simple superhero gallery wall using old comic books

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