RibbonINSIDE: How to make your own pretty and easy candles using ribbon and a clothes iron. 

Custom Candles with Ribbon in 3 Steps | DazzleWhileFrazzled.com

I have a rather large plastic container of candles sitting in my pantry. Most of them have been acquired whenever my mom goes on a cleaning binge of drawers and cupboards. The contents always make their way to my home. ????Whenever I see my mom walk in with a plastic grocery bag (or two), I know I’m in for some goodie or another!

So when I picked up an old candelabra at a thrift store, instead of buying candle tapers to match my decor, I created my own using ribbon and my clothes iron. In 3 easy and fast DIY steps!

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How to Pretty Easy DIY Candles With Ribbon

As I dig through my rather large stash of wax candles, I find four plain white candles. Next, I dig through my overflowing stash of ribbons to find any aqua ribbon. I plug in my iron and start to make my own custom candles.

Plain taper candles 
– Iron
Parchment paper

How to easily make your own custom candles

How to Customize Candles With Ribbon In 3 Steps

Other than the occasional hot iron “owie”, this thrifty project comes together very quickly!

Step #1: Rip out a piece of parchment paper long and wide enough to wrap around the candle.

Step #2: Wrap the ribbon around the candle in whatever layout and pattern you like best.

I wanted all four tapers to look different so I came up with four patterns.

Step #3: Keeping hold of the ribbon, wrap the parchment paper around the candle.

Once secured, gently iron the parchment-wrapped candle making sure to keep rotating the candle so it doesn’t melt and deform.

How to easily make your own custom candles

How to Use Ribbon To Make Your Own Candles

So simple and so cheap! Especially when you already have the supplies on hand. Gotta love a good #upcycle!

Custom Candles with Ribbon in 3 Steps | DazzleWhileFrazzled.com

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