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Chat Environment

Our community is hosted on Rocket Chat, which can be accessed via an app on your phone or the browser on your computer.

Unlike on Facebook – there are NO ads in the community.

Also unlike on Facebook, We don’t track your data to sell or use to pump more ads in your face.

You don’t have to show your personal info in our private community – we only need your email address. You can use any name you like.

All members are paid. Harassment will not be tolerated.


Bonus Content

We’re working with creators to deliver more value for you, Dazzler!

We’ll be releasing community-exclusive content regularly.

Written and Video content will be included for the community.

We’ll also provide 3 SVG files every month!

This special content will only be available for paid members.



Our community gets special discounts on products from brands you’ll love! 

We will have special discounts with our partners. 

First company: Down Home Products!

More Details to Come.



We are going to host monthly giveaways in our community!

Members will be given entries based on their tenure in the community.

Amount of giveaways will change monthly based on the size of our community.

The following month’s giveaways can be decided by the community!

The first giveaway… a Cricut Machine!


Dazzle While Frazzled Community

We want to provide special value to the Dazzle community.

A Word

From Our Leader

I want to build an amazing environment for busy moms to connect and grow! My goal is to provide you with information, tools, products, and services that will improve the life and lifestyle of your family! Please join me in this effort to create magic with a strong community!

Johnny Wizard

Opportunity alert!

DIYers and Content Creators

If you are a creator and want to build an audience or bring your audience to Dazzle While Frazzled, let’s chat!

We’d love to help you get your group off Facebook and Instagram and onto a platform for real connections without data tracking/harvesting.

We can help you make money while giving your audience more value!

Email us today – community[at]dazzlewhilefrazzled[dot]com! 

SVG Files

Members receive 3 SVG files each month! Perfect for using with your Cricut machine or anything else you want!


Members only discounts will be made available in the community! Join for discounts on great brands!


Monthly giveaways for community members – the more months you are subscribed, the more chances to win!


Extra content will be created exclusively for community members. Members can also pick the types of content they want to see!


Make connections with other DIYers and build relationships with people in the community!

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From the DWF Blog

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DWF is No Longer Using Google Analytics

DWF is No Longer Using Google Analytics

DWF is no longer using Google Analytics That's kind of a big deal. Privacy is important. Google tracks us with every click we make, every glance we take. It's what some would call intrusive. Transparency is also important to me. That's why I'm writing this to tell...

We’re Not Using Google Ads Anymore

We’re Not Using Google Ads Anymore

DWF is no longer ad-centric What does that mean? I removed all those pesky ads from the site. The invasive Google ads are gone. The other purveyors of ads based on tracking you are also gone. The mid-post ads for Amazon products are gone as well. I find those types of...

Announcement: New Community for Dazzle While Frazzled!

Announcement: New Community for Dazzle While Frazzled!

Welcome to a New Community Frontier I decided I wanted to provide a space for the Dazzle While Frazzled community to come together to make meaningful connections with each other. Personally, I've cut most of social media out of my life. It's been fantastic, honestly....