INSIDE: Budget-friendly ways to decorate for a Friendsgiving feast, including FREE printable decorations.

How to decorate and host a Friendsgiving feast on a budget with free printable decorations.

For many, Thanksgiving isn’t about the turkey, mashed potatoes, or cranberry sauce—it’s about who you spend it with.

Spending the holiday surrounded by those you’re most thankful for makes the holiday complete, after all. Sometimes this is family, and sometimes it’s friends; thus the term “Friendsgiving” was coined to recognize those who choose to celebrate with their friends.

No matter if you celebrate traditional Thanksgiving with your relatives or Friendsgiving with your closest pals, you want to ensure you host a celebration worthy of the holiday. It’s not a party without decorations, and the team at Intuit Mint has put together a list of printable decor for your Friendsgiving celebration suitable for any budget, so your party is unforgettable without breaking the bank. Check out these cute Thanksgiving printables!

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How to Decorate for a Friendsgiving Feast 

Start by setting up your table: it is the biggest holiday of the fall, after all, so the more pumpkins and fall leaves, the better.

Elevate your setup with printable place cards your guests can customize; not only does it instantly make your table more chic, but your guests now have a party favor to remember your feast with. It’s a win-win!

Free printable Friendsgiving place cards for DIY Thanksgiving table setting.

Next, embrace the holiday and set a festive mood with printable Friendsgiving decor to set the occasion. Either hang these up on the wall for instant thankful decor, or frame them in a decorative frame for an eye-catching centerpiece your guests will be looking at all night long.

Download, print and frame cute Friendsgiving artwork for your budget-friendly holiday feast.

How to Package Leftovers from Friendsgiving Feast

No matter how well you plan your menu, you are bound to end up with more leftovers than you know what to do with—it’s basically a rule of Thanksgiving and Friendsgiving alike!

As a host, share the wealth and set your guests up for meal-prep success by sending them home with leftovers, marked with printable leftover labels. Stock up on reusable containers, or have guests bring their own, and save your fridge from turkey overload for the next week. Your guests will thank you for taking the mystery out of what they took home!

Send Thanksgiving and Friendsgiving guests home with cute DIY leftover labels.

No matter how you decorate or celebrate, make sure you remember the reason for the season: being thankful for all the many things you have in your life.

Show your friends, family, and other loved ones you’re grateful for them always, not just once a year over stuffing. 

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