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Digital Photo Printing: Where Can I Print High-Quality Images?

Photos have become an important and integral part of our lives. Most of us take pictures on a daily basis. And it’s probably safe to say that you have a huge number of photos with you right now on your smartphone.

Taking a picture helps us capture the moment in a frame that we can cherish anytime we want. Photos can be very powerful as they can trigger feelings and emotions very easily.

But, nowadays, most of our photos reside as digital files on either our computer or our smartphone. It feels more authentic when you see a printed photo on somebody’s wall.

Printed photos have a different feeling to them. For starters, they are tangible and can invoke stronger feelings and emotions when touched whereas digital files cannot do that.


Print Preview

You can use printed pictures to decorate your home. That’s why printing your pictures is an important part of the photography process. Now, when it comes to printing you must consider where can you get nice prints of your high-quality images. Well, there are many options for you to choose from.

In this post, we will take a look into the various options you have when it comes to printing high-quality images.

Before we jump into the options though, you should keep your needs and budget in mind so that you can choose what is best for you.

This is because some of these options are very cheap while some come with a substantial price tag. Some of these options will get you the final printed products in minutes while some options might take many days to reach you with the final product. So, it completely depends on your budget and how fast you need the final printed picture.


Printing at home

This is one of the fastest ways you can get your photos printed. But in order to get high-quality prints, you need to know a few tricks.

Always use a photo paper. These papers are made for the purpose of printing photos only and will enhance the look of your printed photo. You can either go for the glossy paper or you can go for the latest matte photo paper. The matte paper doesn’t have any shine; it gives a premium and old-fashioned look to your prints.

Always go for a printer that uses pigment inks. That’s because pigment inks are waterproof as well as fade-proof, making them ideal for crafting and photo printing works.  

If possible try a professional laser printer. Laser printers are designed to provide maximum quality printing with high durability and speed.

Now, coming to the budget of this printing option. If you don’t already own a printer it’s going to

cost you a lot of money.


Printing at FedEx Kinkos

When it comes to printing high-quality images, FedEx is one of the best providers of that service. FedEx has been doing this for years and has a long line of satisfied customers behind them who talk highly of their services.

You get a variety of options when it comes to ordering your print. You can either give them your photos through email, Google Drive, Dropbox, memory card, Facebook, Instagram, etc. or you can go to your nearest FedEx photo printing station.

With FedEx, you get unlimited customization of your pictures. You can print a passport size image or a huge 8″ × 10″ one. You can even crop your images and remove red-eyes. You even have the option to customize the borders according to your choice.

Because of the higher service quality, you have to pay a little bit extra compared to some other printing shops. If you have the budget to get your photos printed with them, go for it.

Also, keep in mind that if you are going for the online option to send your photos there may be a day or two delay before you get your final product. But if you are going to their photo printing shop then you can get your finished product as soon as they are done printing it.


Printing with a custom printer

These printer shops are designed to provide you with special services that are not offered by other mainstream brands like FedEx.

For example, at Higher Plane Impressions Inc. (parent of Down Home Products), we specialize in printing your photos and collages on any surface of your choice- even a wooden or metal one. The surface can be of any shape or size, and we will be able to produce high-quality images on it.

Some of the advantages of our service are:

We produce unconventional photo frames and printing products that are hard to find or create.

The printed photo looks more lively as compared to normal photo prints.

As the printing is unique, if you are giving it as a gift to someone, it becomes much more memorable for them.

The quality of these prints are very high so you won’t be losing any of the detail.

These services are reasonably priced so that you don’t drain your pocket printing a single photo.

If you choose to go with our services, you will be getting your final print faster as we have advanced printing equipment.


So, if you are searching for services and places that will produce high-quality prints of your photos, then you have a little idea about those services now. The home printing option is great when you need the prints quickly. Remember that laser printers and pigment inks are way better options compared to normal printers.

If you have time, then you can go for the services provided by FedEx to get your high-quality prints. They are highly customizable prints that don’t compromise on quality.

You can also go for the less conventional option by opting for a custom print shop.

These products are unique and have a reasonable price range. The team at Down Home Products works hard to provide unique products to their customers, which they can cherish for years to come.

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