INSIDE: How to use staircase banister as wall decor. How to decorate with picture frames in your home for easy, cheap gallery wall.

How to display special photos in a gallery wall display at home |

“I got you something,” said the text from my husband. Was he bringing me home flowers or my favorite sweet treat? Nope. Instead, he handed me an old, grimy section of a wooden staircase banister. Yes, I’m one lucky girl!

Unwilling to bring this dirty thing into my house, it sat for a long while in the garage. Gathering more dust than it accumulated at the salvage yard, we finally realized it would look pretty good in, of all places, our dining room!

So if you find yourself expecting flowers but are given something from the local salvage yard instead, don’t freak. What do they say about one person’s junk…

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how to use staircase banister for easy gallery wall

Who says a photo gallery wall only has to be on the actual wall? Why not take someone’s former staircase banister and use it to display photos of your gorgeous children (or perhaps your four-legged kids)? All it takes is some elbow grease, a little paint and a nose willing to deal with some dust!

Paint and brush
– Carpentry nails
– Bolts
Variety of photo frames

how to decorate with picture frames

It’s amazing what a good wipe-down can do! Go figure.

The frame of the banister was originally painted purple. Got nothing against purple; it just wasn’t the color of my dining room. Transformation #2, turn the purple teal.

And against the wishes of my mother’s unsolicited two cents opinion, I kept the banister “rough”.

Turn an old staircase banister into a photo gallery wall display in your home |
Layout the various photo frames how you want them displayed.

Based on that, add carpentry nails into the banister spindles where the frames will go.

DIY Photo gallery wall display |
Who knew one small part of a staircase railing could weigh so much?!

So to avoid this banister crashing down in the middle of the night, bolts were used to hang the unique photo display on the wall. I think the bolts add to its uniqueness.

How to hang a staircase banister on the wall to display photo frames |
Add photo frames of your beautiful children, awesome adventures or just your cute pets.

Display kid photos on DIY gallery wall |
How do you display photos at your home? Let me know in the comments.

How to display special photos in a gallery wall display at home |

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