INSIDE: 5 ways to style a bar dresser for at-home cocktail hour with friends. How to turn old furniture into DIY bar dresser.

5 ideas for styling a bar cart and bar dresser for at-home happy hours.

The holiday season may be over but there is always a reason to celebrate life!

Whether you are toasting old friends, celebrating a job promotion or relaxing after a long week, the best cocktail hours are the ones spent at home surrounded by the people you love best. 

Here are 5 easy ways to turn that old cabinet into a modern and stylish bar dresser. Because nothing lifts spirits like yummy cocktails and snacks with friends and family!

Grab the {free} design boards because it’s 5 o’clock somewhere…

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How to Make Pretty Bar Dresser from Old Furniture

Entertaining doesn’t always require congregating in the kitchen or chatting on the couch. Why not try an alternative hosting place? Like re-purposing an old dresser, cabinet or credenza by turning it into a stylish in-home bar!

This is the next big trend in home decor. It is also a great way to save on space and incorporate grandma’s vintage furniture into modern living.

5 Quick and Easy Ways to Style Bar Dresser

Styling and stocking a bar dresser is just as important as which cocktails you serve! FTD has created the ultimate bar dresser styling guide filled with 5 mood boards, styling hacks and home decor inspiration like French provincial and vintage glamour! 

5 design mood boards for how to style and stock a bar cart and bar dresser.

To see more of these bar dresser styling ideas, click here!

How to Quickly Stock and Style a Bar Dresser

Whatever flare you give your bar dresser, make sure it’s stocked with all your favorite liquor and barware to keep things bubbly! If little ones will be attending include some mocktail options as well! 

How to stock and style an at-home bar cart or bar dresser.

To reconnect with loved ones or break the ice with new friends, turn to this year’s entertaining must-have by DIYing an in-home bar experience!


5 fun ways to style a bar cart or bar dresser for cocktail hour with friends.

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