INSIDE: DIY “Our Friendship Will Never Be Squashed” kids Valentine’s Day card exchange. Printable Valentine’s Day card with plastic bug.

DIY bug Valentine's Day card with plastic bug attached

I didn’t grow up around boys. But with two little boys now having taken over my home and my heart, I am still getting used to all things creepy crawly. So it only makes sense then that a Valentine’s Day card have several legs and antennas?!

Send the kiddos to school with a homemade Valentine’s card box full of bug-squashing love. Just print and attach a creepy crawly friend.

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Easy, Funny Kids Valentine’s Day Card with Plastic Bugs

This DIY kids Valentine Day card is just as easy as buying something pre-made at the store.

Got a kid not so into bugs at home? Check out my mini stamper DIY Valentine’s Day card here!

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– White cardstock for a home printer
Plastic assorted bugs
– Twine or ribbon
– Hole punch

Make a Goofy Valentine’s Day Card for Kids Classroom Exchange

This is a fun project to do together with your child. Or, an easy project to do solo with Netflix and a glass of wine!

Simply print out, cut and make two small hole punches. Position the plastic bug between the holes and secure to card with twine. I wrapped mine several times to ensure that bug wasn’t going anywhere!

Download to print out at home. Link below. For personal use only.
DIY bug boy "Our Friendship Won't Be Squashed" Valentine's Day card

“Our Friendship Will Never Be Squashed” Valentine’s Day card

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