INSIDE: How to make DIY no sew felt cactus Christmas tree ornaments or gift toppers.

Decorate your Christmas tree with DIY felt cactus Christmas tree ornaments

It took me about a decade to accept that I live among plants with thorns, rocks in place of grass in the front yard and people running around exclaiming, “But it’s a dry heat”.

Yet, somewhere around Year 10, I sort of fell into the groove of southwest living and have come to even enjoy desert living (gasp!).

So in honor of my “acceptance”, I’m sharing with you no sew felt cactus Christmas tree ornaments. Minus the thorns, of course!

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How to Make No Sew Cactus Christmas Tree Ornaments

These ornaments make cute ornaments or gift toppers. And come together pretty quickly!

One leisurely morning walk later, I turned the corner to see my husband flying down our street …with the dog in the front seat. He screeched to a stop to tell me he was taking the dog into the vet, and then just as quickly zoomed off. However, my wonderful husband failed to tell me there was a rattle snake in our backyard – who gave our curious four-legged friend a warning bite. Say what now?! It wasn’t until the fire department showed up at the door – to calm a rattled desert novice and to remove a scary rattled snake – that I was quickly baptized into desert dwelling. So much for easing into southwest living!

Felt sheets (this is a great craft to use up felt scraps)
– Hot glue gun
Sewing scissors + straight pins
– Ribbon
– Embroidery thread

Cute No Sew Cactus Christmas Tree Ornaments

Trace the cactus template onto a piece of felt. Be sure to cut TWO pieces.

Use felt craft sheets to make DIY cactus Christmas tree ornaments

Add a drop of hot glue to Side #1 of the cactus and place a small section of looped ribbon.

Add more glue to the remainder of the cactus and place Side #2 on top.

Cut a section of embroidery thread. Use small drops of glue to weave it around the cactus like a garland.

Cut out small felt ornaments and a star. And glue in place.

diy cactus christmas ornaments and gift topper

Cute on a Christmas tree, these cactus ornaments also make cute gift toppers.

How do you decorate your tree? Is yours full of handmade craftiness or store-bought beauties?

Let me know in the comments.

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