INSIDE: How to make an envelope pillow with a DIY cactus string art pillow craft. Easy, cute cactus home decor for spring, summer.

DIY String Art Cactus Pillow |

I’ve lived in the southwest for a dozen years now. And it’s taken me about 10 of those 12 to accept it! But when I saw and snapped up some cactus fabric recently, I knew that the desert life had become a part of me.

Since I live surrounded by all things cacti, why not add just one more to this southwest print? But I couldn’t just paste a simple cactus on top, could I? No! Learn how to create a trendy string art cactus… on a pillow.

Grab your sewing needle instead of a hammer and let’s start stringing…

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How to Make Cute Cactus String Art Pillow

No thorns in this project! Learn how to make an easy envelope pillow here. With the pillow created, add the cactus string art that is perfect for Spring!

Cactus String Art Supplies:
Miniature buttons (in green and pink)
– Sewing thread (in green and pink) + needle
Embroidery thread (in green and pink)
Fabric glue
– Paper template
– Straight pins

How to make cactus pillow for spring home decor

I pulled out some scrap paper and sketched out a simple cactus shape and flower. If you aren’t as familiar with cactus as I am, just google “cactus clipart” for lots of ideas!

Pin the cactus and flower templates onto the pillow. Sew miniature buttons about 1″ apart around the templates.

DIY String Art Cactus Pillow |

Remove the paper template.

Outline the cactus with green embroidery thread, wrapping the thread around each button.

Repeat the same process, creating the outline of the cactus flower with pink embroidery thread.

DIY String Art Cactus Pillow |
With the outline formed, begin to string the thread across the cactus, criss crossing until you are happy with how it looks.

Repeat the same for the cactus flower.

DIY String Art Cactus Pillow |
To keep the string safely in place, place a dab of fabric glue around each button.

I used a toothpick to get the glue around the buttons.

DIY String Art Cactus Pillow |

I love this string art craft alternative, especially since it doesn’t require any nails and hammer!

DIY String Art Cactus Pillow |

DIY String Art Cactus Pillow |

How do you decorate for Spring? Let me know in the comments!

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