INSIDE: How to make DIY clay slime for the kids with NO glue necessary! Super fun easy-to-make slime for no-bored kids.

I was provided a copy of Slime Sorcery by Adam Vandergrift for review. All opinions are mine.

DIY no glue clay slime for kids to make DIY fluffy colorful slime

There’s something going on in my house lately that is using up plastic baggies and small bowls with lids. I open a drawer to put away laundry and find a baggie of hot pink fluffy stuff. I pull out the duster to tackle the bunnies under the bed and find a collection of plastic lidded bowls full of ooey gooey. Maybe it’s happening at your house too. I declare our house has been hit by the colorful, fluffy, sensory-soothing phenomenon known as slime.

My 8 year old can’t go to any birthday party or sleepover of late without some take-home slime. She’s been hooked! So she was especially jazzed when we received a copy of Slime Sorcery by Adam Vandergrift. So many fun ideas and a book that’ll keep her in the slime-loving business for a long time!

Since this same girl used up all our white craft glue (on DIY slime-making experiments), we opted to test out a NO GLUE clay slime recipe. Here’s how it turned out…

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No Glue! DIY 5-Minute Super Fun Clay Slime

If you get a hankering for making some slime, this is a very fast DIY clay slime recipe that most likely won’t require a special trip to the store for ingredients!

Found on page 96 in Slime Sorcery.

– conditioner
– food coloring
– small bowl + spoon
Get fun DIY slime recipes in book Slime Sorcery

how to make no glue 5-minute slime for kids

Mix the conditioner and food coloring together in a bowl.

Mix conditioner and food coloring together to make no glue clay slime for kids

Add the cornstarch and mix until it becomes crumbly.

Mix cornstarch into conditioner and food coloring to make DIY no glue clay slime for kids

Use your hands to knead the mixture until it becomes smoother and more slime-like.

DIY no glue clay slime for kids to make DIY fluffy colorful slime

diy slime for kids without glue

Enjoy your GLUE-FREE slime!

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