INSIDE: How to build a fabric canopy cover for a DIY wooden sandbox for kids. How to shade a backyard sandbox.

Any excuse to get the kids outside to play. Am I right?! Especially with two wild, unbelievably active boys, there are times when mom just needs like five minutes in a quiet, calm house.

Fortunately, I live in Arizona where it’s nice almost year-round. So I can tell these kids, “Go outside and play” in the middle of January when most folks are dealing with snow and frigid temps.

Of all the backyard toys we have accumulated over the years, the best thing we’ve ever done is build the kids a wooden sandbox. Best. Money. Spent. This is how we keep the blazing desert sun at bay when I “kick” the kids out of the house to play!
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diy fabric sandbox cover for kids sandbox

I would classify this as an Intermediate sewing level project. But then again, i know enough about sewing to be considered dangerous!

– Sun-proof fabric (I used Sunbrella fabric)
– Sewing machine
– Straight pins + Sewing scissors
– Heavy duty thread (I used Upholstery)
– Grommets
– Small chain link (optional)
– Spray paint (optional)

Step #1:
Measure the width and length of the sandbox you plan to cover. Because I want to create a canopy, I added about 12″ to the length.
How to sew a fabric canopy cover for a kids backyard sandbox. Simple DIY sewing craft.|

Step #2:
With measurements in hand, cut your fabric accordingly.

On one end, turn the raw edge over. Pin and sew. Repeat the same process for the two sides.  So far, sew easy, right?!

Step #3:
On the opposite end is where you will create the scalloped edge. I used a cereal bowl to make the semi-circular shape. Trace with a pencil and cut.

Step #4:
I admit this step is something of a pain but well worth it! Turn over the raw edge of the scalloped end. Pin and sew. This is a little time consuming but it does looks great in the end!

diy shade cover for kids sandbox

Step #5:
Time to pull out the grommet maker! (If you haven’t invested in one, you will be surprised how easy they are and how many random uses you will have for grommets!)

I made a total of five grommets along the non-scalloped edge. Because the kids sandbox sits next to our pool fence, the only place to hang the sandbox cover was through the fence posts. We then hung it with small chain link, painted the same color as the wrought iron fence.

Step #6:
I admit this step was a total after thought! After hanging the cover through the fence and over the canopy rail (and thinking I was done!), I realized I totally forgot to sew a pocket for the canopy rail (otherwise known as a shower curtain rod)strung between two PVC pipes.

I cut a strip of fabric the length of the canopy and wide enough to fit over the rail. Pin and sew.

Insert the rail through this pocket in order to achieve a shady canopy!
How to sew a fabric canopy cover for a kids backyard sandbox. Simple DIY sewing craft.|

With a couple yards of weather-proof fabric and a handy sewing machine, you can give the kids a shaded place to play when you tell them to get outta the house. No sew bad, right?

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How to sew a fabric canopy cover for a kids backyard sandbox. Simple DIY sewing craft.|