INSIDE: How to make a nautical ocean front door wreath with repurposed denim jeans and ocean wooden cutouts. Ideas to reuse old clothing into DIY summer home decor.

DIY Denim Nautical Ocean Door Wreath. How to use old jeans |

Why have I been saving the bottom half of some jeans I cut up to make denim shorts? These leg-less jeans have been hanging out in my sewing basket for the past couple of months. It was time to give them a purpose, or make them meet the garbage can.

I took these jean halves and combined them with one of my most favorite things – ocean decor – for an easy DIY denim, nautical-inspired front door wreath.

So if you find yourself making some summertime jean shorts, this is how you can get crafty with those now useless jean bottoms…

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How to Make Cute Nautical Wreath from Old Jeans

Denim + cute nautical-themed wooden cutouts go together like Sand + Sea or Tacos + Tuesday.

– Styrofoam wreath
Wooden cutouts (pre-painted or natural – use craft acrylic paints if making your own)
– Straight pins
– Glue gun
Grosgrain ribbon
– Old denim jeans

DIY Denim Nautical Ocean Door Wreath. How to use old jeans |

How to Use Old Jeans to Make Easy Nautical Ocean Wreath

Cut 3-4″ wide strips from the jeans.

Wrap each section around the styrofoam wreath and secure with a straight pin. Cover the entire wreath form.

Use a 6″ jean section to create a bow shape. Hold together with hot glue gun.

Wrap a piece of grosgrain ribbon around the center of the bow.

Cut two additional strips of jeans for the bottom part of the bow. Secure to the wreath with straight pins. If desired, add some pieces of ribbon for further decoration.

Use glue to place the bow (from Step 2) on top.

DIY Denim Nautical Ocean Door Wreath. How to use old jeans |

Make a handful of denim rosettes. I explain how to make EASY flower rosettes here. Glue onto the wreath.

how to make a beach nautical wreath

With the rosettes in place, decide where you want to place the nautical-ocean wooden cutouts.

Secure those to the wreath with some hot glue.

What items have you re-purposed and given new crafty life? Let me know in the comments.

DIY Denim Nautical Ocean Door Wreath. How to use old jeans |

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