INSIDE: How to make a super cheap $6 Halloween door hanger. DIY dollar store Halloween crafts for frugal fall fun.

DIY $6 Dollar Tree Halloween door wreath |

Eery and dreary Halloween decor is just not my game. My kids, at their young ages, already know that I get freaked at their large rubber toy spiders and bats. Seriously, do they really need to make these things so realistic looking?!

So while I am no fan of spooky Halloween fun, I can totally handle cute spiders, friendly bats and googly eyeballs any day. Bring it on [adorable] ghouls!!

There was absolutely no fear when I put together this $6 Halloween wreath. Check out my ghoulish frugal fun…

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How to Make a $6 Halloween Door Hanger

Many of these ghoulish supplies may be found at your local dollar store. If not, I included links below!

Remember how I said my kids have my number when it comes to scary spiders and hairy bugs? My 5-year old thought it would be just hilarious one morning to place a very real-looking spider on the steering wheel. As this [frazzled] mom made her way down the driveway, probably late to be somewhere, the plastic spider fell between my legs. I never knew this 30-something body could scream, throw the car into park and jump out of the door as fast as this freaked out mom did!


how to make a cheap and spooky $6 halloween wreath

Using craft scissors, cut the plastic spider web eye glasses apart.

You will only be using the spider web sections (and not the part you’d stick behind your ears).

Use plastic Halloween decor to make easy and cheap Halloween door wreath from Dollar Tree |

Arrange the various spooky decor on the tray. Once happy with the layout, secure all the pieces with a hot glue gun.

Easy Halloween front door wreath decor using Dollar Tree Halloween decor |

Make a large, over-sized bow with the Halloween-themed wired ribbon.

Glue the bow to the top of the tray and cut triangles at the ends. If using wired ribbon, scrunch up the ribbon tails. (Yes, this is a technical term!)

Halloween ribbon, spider rings and plastic eyeballs to make a Halloween wreath |

how to have a frugal halloween

Using white craft acrylic paint, or a white Sharpie marker, write a hallowed message on the tray.

Give guests a spooky welcome with a cheap DIY Halloween wreath by Dollar Tree |

Use a small section of the ribbon to form a loop and secure it with a tie (I used a grocery store twist tie).

Glue (or tape) this onto the back of the tray in order to hang it.

Hang a spooky Halloween wreath with Halloween decor from Dollar Tree |

How do you decorate for this spookiest of holidays?

For me, the hardest part of this ghoulish Halloween craft was getting the spooky supplies back from my kids!

DIY $6 Dollar Tree Halloween door wreath |

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