INSIDE: How to make the fastest and cutest 10 minute Easter Peeps centerpiece using plastic Easter eggs and Peeps marshmallows.

How to make a 10 minute DIY Easter Peeps centerpiece |

So… I’ve never eaten a Peeps in my life! Incredible, I know. I’ve just never had the desire to try the sugar-coated marshmallow-shaped bunny or bird I see on the shelves every Easter season.

However that all changed the other day I tossed a box of Peeps in my shopping cart. I totally caved …all in the name of crafting!

Let’s make the season’s easiest and cutest Peeps centerpiece in 10 minutes…

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How to Make 10-Minute Easter Centerpiece with Peeps

Soon Peter Cottontail will be coming hippity hoppity down the bunny trail. Greet him in festive style with a craft made in bunny speed!

In 10 minutes, make an egg-cellent Peeps centerpiece using an egg-ful of supplies you may already have at home.

Gather Your Sugar Sweet Supplies:
– Peeps
wood skewers (Here’s another project to create with extra BBQ skewers.)
– pipe cleaners
– plastic eggs (Use the kind that has a hole at the bottom of the cup)
green cardstock
– hole punch

How to make a 10 minute Peeps centerpiece
Did you notice the missing Peeps? Yes, I tried one! Not bad, not bad.

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This marshmallow-y goodness of an Easter craft can be done in five sweet steps!

Peeps #1: Wrap a pipe cleaner around a wood skewer. Depending on how shallow your centerpiece is, you may need to use two pipe cleaners to fully cover the skewer.

Peeps #2: Fold a piece of green cardstock in half and cut out a simple leaf shape. You will need at least two sets of leaves per Peeps skewer.

Peeps #3:  Using a hole punch, make a hole through the leaves.

How to make a 10 minute Peeps centerpiece
Peeps #4: Gently push the skewer through the hole at the bottom of the plastic Easter egg.

Peeps #5: Skewer your marshmallow Peeps so that it sits nicely in the egg cup.
How to make a 10 minute Peeps Easter centerpiece
This peppy Peeps centerpiece is easily put together in bunny speed in five simple steps.

A cute way to greet Peter Cottontail as he makes his way down the bunny trail!

How to make a 10 minute Peeps centerpiece

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