INSIDE: How to make cute and easy Valentine fabric heart decorations for home using fabric remnants. Easy sew Valentine’s Day craft.

Use fabric scraps to make easy sew heart home decorations

I have three young kids. Enough said, right?! When I don’t have to put them in car seats, take them out the same car seats 15 minutes later, give my “We’re in a parking lot, stop fooling around” lecture and then yoga breathe as I zip around the store…just to buy craft supplies. Yeah…

So when I teamed up with a group of friends to come up with a crafty creation using supplies we already had at home (read: no trips to the store), you can guess that I jumped at that challenge!

Come see what #CraftyDestash I came up with by riffling through my overflowing fabric box…

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How to Make Easy Valentine Fabric Hearts from Remnants

– Fabric remnants
– Barbeque skewers
– Sewing thread (Don’t have a sewing machine? Here’s a basic one to learn on!)
– Straight pins + Sewing scissors (Here’s a great sewing kit.)
– Heart shape templates (I used heart cookie cutters)
– Polyfil
– Vintage sewing wooden thread spools
DIY Fabric Heart Decorations |

How to Make Valentine Heart Decorations Using Fabric Remnants

Assemble the fabric scraps. Remember to double up the fabric so you get both a front and back!

I used cookie cutters to trace three different heart shapes and sizes.
DIY Fabric Heart Decorations |

Pin the two fabric pieces together. Sew around the perimeter, leaving the bottom area open. If desired, add a double seam.

Don’t wan to sew? You could easily do this using a hot glue gun.
DIY Fabric Heart Decorations |
Insert the poly fil. Insert the barbeque skewer. Sew shut. (Be mindful not to sew over the skewer as it could break your machine.)
DIY Fabric Heart Decorations |
Insert the end of the skewer into a variety of vintage wooden sewing spools.

To ensure the fabric hearts stayed upright in the spools, I wrapped the bottoms with a small amount of plastic wrap.

Easy and Fast Heart Decorations Using Fabric Remnants

These fabric Valentine hearts would also look cute as a Valentine’s Day plant stake.

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