INSIDE: How to make a unique autumn leaf vase using a brown paper grocery bag and milk carton. Fall leaf crafts for autumn home decor.

How to make cheap fall home decor and decorate with leaves this autumn.

What can you make for the price of a liter of milk and the brown paper bag it came home in? I bet you never would’ve guessed an autumn leaf vase, would ya?! If you enjoy a re-purposing project, then this is a good one.

Unpack the groceries. Drink the milk (or OJ). Clean the carton. Now you’re ready to make this very easy and simple fall leaf vase in a matter of minutes. It’s a fun way to display your autumn flowers or a potted plant in this trash-to-treasure project!

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How To Make a Unique Fall Leaf Vase

– Cardboard liter of milk or juice
– Brown paper grocery bag (or butcher paper)
Thin point black marker
– Craft glue and scissors
– Piece of tape

how to make a creative autumn leaf vase from paper bag

Open up the cardboard liter and cut off its triangle-like top.
Re-purpose a cardboard milk carton for a DIY fall leaf flower vase.

Open the brown paper grocery bag and cut it along the seam.

Wrap the cardboard liter just like you would a gift box, leaving some overlap at the top and bottom.

Wrap cardboard milk carton with brown butcher paper or brown grocery bag for DIY autumn leaf vase.
With the cardboard liter wrapped, cut slits at each corner and fold the extra paper into the inside of the liter.

Secure with glue. Repeat for the bottom of the liter.

Make a butcher paper brown paper grocery bag vase for autumn home decor by re-purposing a cardboard milk carton.

how to make fall leaf vase from paper bag and milk carton

Cut out a handful of simple brown paper leaves. Outline them with a thin point black marker.
How to make paper leaves for DIY autumn home decorating.
Glue the leaves onto the front of the cardboard vase.

Cut out thin strips for stems and outline them too with a thin point black marker.

How to make an autumn leaf flower vase from a cardboard milk carton and brown butcher paper grocery bag.

easy paper leaf vase for autumn home decor

Insert cut flowers or a small potted plant.

Thrifty DIY autumn home decor with brown paper bag and fall leaves vase.

They also look cute as part of an autumn or Thanksgiving tablescape.
How to create an easy clean-up Thanksgiving table |

How do you decorate for autumn at home in thrifty style?

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