INSIDE: How to make an easy, pretty faux flower blossoms springtime wreath. Add green shamrock clovers for DIY spring St. Patrick’s Day door wreath.

Make a pretty fake flower head spring blossoms wreath for springtime home decor.

One of the best parts of crafting is reusing a project from the past. Case in point: a $2 plastic tablecloth wreath from Christmas. I ripped off all things red, green and white and was left with an awesome green wreath base. Enter a new set of holidays, like Spring and St. Patrick’s Day.

Armed with some pretty faux flower blossoms (read: no stems to destroy your scissors on), I quickly remade a jolly Christmastime wreath into a blossoming Springtime wreath. And the best part? No spring flower allergies!

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How to Make Easy, Pretty Flower Blossoms Springtime Wreath

As mentioned, the base of this wreath started with some plastic tablecloths I picked up at my local dollar store

Styrofoam wreath
– Green plastic tablecloth
Faux flower heads
– Optional: Shamrock clovers

Use faux flower head blossoms and styrofoam wreath for easy pretty springtime wreath.

how to make flower blossoms springtime wreath

Start with a styrofoam wreath wrapped in strips of roughly cut green plastic tablecloth. (Refer to this project here.)

Poke the faux flower blossom heads into the wreath form. It may help to use a pencil or small screwdriver to make a pilot hole.

Poke faux flower blossom heads into foam wreath form for DIY springtime floral wreath.

See how fast and easy this is?!

Arrange flower head blossoms around styrofoam wreath for easy, pretty DIY floral springtime wreath.

Once complete, hang with a pretty grosgrain ribbon or wreath hook.

Easy, pretty springtime wreath using plastic tablecloths around styrofoam wreath and faux flower heads.

how to make pretty st. patrick’s day door wreath

Add a couple of shamrock clovers and you’ve got yourself a lucky St. Patrick’s Day wreath without having to take anything off the door!

Add glitter shamrock clovers to spring floral wreath for easy DIY St. Patrick's Day home decorating.

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