INSIDE: How to make a cute Halloween ghost pillow cover with fleece rosette flowers for DIY fall Halloween home decor.

Use fleece to make an easy ghost Halloween throw pillow |

I’m scary serious when I say that ‘spooky’ is not a game I play at Halloween. Let’s just say I still think about the horror movie I watched at an 8th grade sleepover. Way too many years decades ago. Weird, I know but that’s how I’m wired.

So needless to say, I much prefer cutesy Halloween decor. And a friendly ghost, like Casper or this fleece fella right here, doesn’t cause me to remain wide eyed come night fall. Learn how to bring this ghostly guy home this Halloween…

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How To Make Fleece Ghost Halloween Pillow Cover

I know enough about sewing to be considered …scary! But I can sew myself an envelope pillow in 20 minutes.

Now if my (cute) trio of ghouls suddenly comes out of the woodwork, as tends to happens when I start a project, all projects take so much longer.

This project is based off my DIY Autumn Pumpkin Pillow. Replace the pumpkin with the ghost. BOO!

– Fabric in Halloween colors of your choosing
– Sewing machine + thread (here’s a basic machine to get you started if you don’t have one)
– Straight pins + sewing scissors (these pins are pretty cute)
Tape measure
– Pillow insert (these pillow inserts come in different sizes)
– Fleece (white, green and gray)
Glue gun

how to make cute ghost Halloween Pillow cover

Refer to this DIY Autumn Pumpkin Pillow project as the basis for this ghostly Halloween pillow cover.

Lay out the white fleece and cut 2” strips.

Fold the individual fleece strips in half and cut small slits along the fold.

Roll tightly to make a rosette and secure with hot glue. I made 31 white rosettes and 5 gray rosettes.

DIY ghost Halloween fleece pillow cover |

Position the individual rosettes onto the pillow in a ghost shape. Secure with a hot glue gun.

If desired, cut out the phrase “BOO” in green fleece fabric and/or add some additional fleece rosettes.

Halloween ghost throw pillow |
How do you decorate your home for Halloween?

BOO! DIY ghost pillow cover made with fleece and felt for Halloween home decor.

Do you go all “spooky” or are you more like me, all about the cuteness factor?

Use fleece to make an easy ghost Halloween throw pillow |
DIY Autumn Fleece Pumpkin Pillow

DIY autumn pumpkin envelope pillow for Halloween |

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