INSIDE: How to make Christmas gift tags or Christmas tree ornaments using mini clay flower pots. Great Christmas kids craft idea.

Jazz up a wrapped present with mini clay flower pot gift tag or Christmas tree ornament.

Years ago, I made a springtime flower pot wreath. Which I absolutely love. But I totally over-ordered on the mini terra cotta flower pots. Seven years later, I still have this box of mini clay flower pots. ????

So when the kids were chomping at the bit to paint something, I grabbed a handful of these flower pots and let the kids go to town giving them color. Turns out, these mini clay pots not only make cute Christmas tree ornaments but are a fun way to jazz up Christmas presents.

So give the kids a paint brush and have them make their best snowman or Santa Claus…

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How to Make Christmas Gift Tags with Flower Pots

Keep the kids busy this season with easy homemade Christmas tree ornaments or gift “tags”! Check out my DIY fingerprint snowmen gift wrapping – another great kids project!!

Mini clay flower pots
– Acrylic craft paints + brush

Paint mini clay flower pots with acrylic paints to make DIY Christmas tree ornaments and gift tags for presents.

How to make easy christmas ornaments with kids

Give these mini clay flower pots a coat (or three) of acrylic paint.

Give the kids craft acrylic paints for DIY Christmas tree ornaments using mini clay flower pots and grosgrain ribbon to hang.

With the outside dry, add some festive holiday details like a snowman face, Santa’s belt or some colorful Christmas tree baubles.

Turn mini clay flower pot into Christmas tree, Santa Claus belt or snowman face for DIY Christmas tree ornaments or Christmas present decorations.

how to make christmas ornament or gift tags with mini flower pots

Once totally dry, and an optional coat of spray clear coat is applied, cut a long strand of grosgrain ribbon.

Depending on how these will be used, insert the ribbon through the hole in the pot and knot.

Insert grosgrain ribbon through clay flower pot to hang as Christmas tree ornament or to attach to present wrapping.

If using as a Christmas tree ornament, ribbon loop will be at top with the ties underside.

If using as a Christmas gift tag decoration, ribbon loop will be underside with the tie at the top (shown above).

How to make easy christmas gift tags with kids

It’s kinda like a two-in-one gift with a keepsake mini flower pot “ornament” or gift decoration.

Jazz up a wrapped present with mini clay flower pot gift tag or Christmas tree ornament.

I can see grandma liking this kid-made crafty masterpiece! Make your own (cheap) holiday gift wrapping with these fingerprint snowmen!

DIY Christmas gift wrapping with mini clay flower pot gift tags and present decorations.

How do you get your crew into the holiday crafting spirit? Let me know in the comments.

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