INSIDE: How to make a 5-minute Halloween friendly ghost from an old garden shovel. Super easy DIY Halloween home decorations.

DIY Halloween plant stake from old gardening shovel turned into a friendly Halloween ghost.

Do you like fast? What about friendly? Well, guess what, I’ve got them both!

I took an old, sorta rusty and totally broken garden shovel and turned it into a happy Halloween ghost. Found with an assortment of random garden items, this poor shovel had a broken handle and probably wouldn’t have been much use for digging holes.

And that’s how this garden shovel easily and quickly – as in 5 minutes – became a friendly ghost for a touch of cute spook in the garden!

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How to Make 5-Minute Garden Shovel Halloween Ghost

I can’t do Halloween spooky! I still have memories of the horror movies I watched through semi-closed eyes as a teen and that was way too many years ago! So, yeah, I’m all in for a friendly, happy, cute ghost!

– Garden shovel
White outdoor paint (if you want to the shovel to be white)
– Black acrylic craft paint
– Pink acrylic craft paint
– Variety of different sized paint brushes
Clear coat spray

make a 5-minute halloween ghost from garden shovel

Want to learn a trick to making the perfect circle? Use the backend of a paint brush and dot them onto whatever it is you are painting.

And that’s how this ghostie got perfectly round eyeballs!

Paint round eyeballs on an old garden shovel to make a DIY Halloween friendly ghost decoration for the garden or as a plant stake.

Next, give your Halloween ghost a happy smile or a ghostly ghastly face, whatever gets you into the Halloween spirit.

Paint a friendly smile onto a Halloween ghost using an old garden shovel for DIY Halloween home decoration.

Use a smaller paint brush to give this happy ghost friend some sweet flushed cheeks …or something spooky scary!

Use the back of a paint brush to make perfectly round dots. DIY garden shovel Halloween ghost decoration.

the easiest halloween ghost from old garden shovel

Once this happy ghostie was totally dry, I gave it (I’m an equal opportunity friend to all ghosts) a spray of clear coat since I was going to use him/her as a plant stake.

Use UV protection clear coat spray to protect DIY 5-minute Halloween ghost from an old garden shovel.

And this is how you make the fastest – yet friendliest – Halloween ghost decoration!

How to repurpose an old garden shovel into a Halloween ghost as a DIY plant stake.
How cute does this super easy 5-minute garden shovel halloween ghost look as a plant stake?

Cute Halloween ghost DIY plant stake from old gardening shovel.

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