INSIDE: How to make a cute girls beauty station for her bedroom. DIY little girls vanity with hair accessory organizer.

Make a girls beauty station in her bedroom with hair organizer.

Our biggest “challenge” with our nine year old daughter is that she’s almost too crafty, amazingly resourceful and gawd forbid she waste any time when a creative idea strikes her. We never quite know what will await us upon walking into her bedroom.

So we shouldn’t have been too shocked when we discovered that she jerry rigged a large plastic storage bin into a blanket-covered makeup vanity. She happily had set up a mirror, hairbrush, way too many hair ties and a toy stool as her vanity chair.

Sure it was functional but a more aesthetically-pleasing solution was needed (for mom’s sake). Plus the storage bin held her brothers train parts, which was now causing lots of fights. Fortunately, we were headed to a weekend flea market where we had one buying goal in mind…

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How To Make a Cute Girls Beauty Station

As much as one loves to sleep in on a Sunday morning, the second Sunday of each month we drag the kids out of the house (by bribing them with donuts) to a monthly vintage flea market. It’s dusty, sometimes grimy but the finds are well worth the early morning …and whiny kids!

And that’s where we found this $15 side table. (Insert choir of angels singing here!) Perfect for a little girls vanity.

– Side table
Handheld sander (or sanding paper)
 Small circular saw
– Wood glue
– Paint + brush (spray paint, optional)
– Polyurethane

Flea market side table turned girls bedroom vanity table.

DIY little girls vanity with hair accessory organizer

The top of this side table had layers of old paint and chipped wood. The first step was to sand all of that off.

Remove layers of old paint and chipped wood on vintage side table with sanding block.

In order to make this little oval side table look more like a makeup vanity, the second side of the table was cut with a small circular saw.

All the pieces were given a fresh coat of paint + several layers of polyurethane.

Cut off side of an oval side table and give it fresh coat of paint and polyurethane.

That section of table you cut? It will now sit upright at the back of the table to give it that vanity look.

Use wood glue to secure.

diy girls hair wall mounted organizer

Mom and Dad wanted to keep the base of the side table in its roughed up state. However, we were challenged by a nine year old on the merits of vintage versus non-vintage furniture.

She wore us down and the base was given a fresh coat of teal (spray) paint.

DIY side table turned girls bedroom vanity makeup station.

It was paired with a re-upholstered little stool. Pretty cute, don’t you think?

How to make DIY girls beauty station

Remember how I told you our daughter gets creatively zanny ideas and then acts on them? Case in point her hair accessories. When she kept running to my desk for thumb tacks I knew something was up!

I crept into her bedroom and found thumb tacked to her wall!! Pretty ingenious to use a hanger with ribbon for her bows.

How to organize little girls hair accessories with DIY hair organizer.

Now with a wall full of thumb tack holes and a request that all her hair accessories be on display for less getting-ready-in-the-morning stress (seriously?), another project was born to accompany her flea market makeup vanity table.

How to make wall-mounted hair organizer

– Peg board
Wood rope trim
– 1×2″ wood slats
– Wire nails
– Nut
Assorted chair legs
Drawer knobs
– Paint + brush (spray paint, optional)

DIY girls hair accessories organizer using wood peg board and finials to hang on the wall.

We framed the backside of the peg board with flat molding and secured with wood glue. Then, nailed it with wire nails.

The front of the peg board was trimmed with rope trim and secured with wood glue.

Once everything was dry, the peg board was given several coats of paint.

Fun details like two drawer pulls and assorted chair legs were screwed in and secured with a nut.

Make a girls beauty station with wall-mounted hair organizer and vanity table with side table, wood peg board and paint.

We did have to keep her hanger-turned-bow-organizer!

Display girls hair ties, headbands and bows with DIY wall-mounted hair organizer made from wooden peg board.Make a girls beauty station in her bedroom with hair organizer.

How has your kid’s resourcefulness forced you to the hardware store lately?!

Give your daughter her own bedroom beauty station with DIY vanity table and hair accessory organizer.

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