INSIDE: How to make a Halloween BOO and EEK door hanger with Halloween paper party straws. Easy DIY Halloween home decorations.

EEK and BOO DIY Halloween word door hangers using paper party straws and craft tacky glue.

If I hadn’t picked up a bunch of Halloween paper party straws, I wouldn’t have made this craft. I mean, seriously, would I ever have enough Halloween parties to use up all these black and orange straws?! Probably not.

So in the effort to declutter, these party straws effortlessly became Halloween word decor. BOO-ha-ha!

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How To Make Easy Paper Straws Halloween BOO Sign

EEK! This is such a ghoulishly easy Halloween craft. Not only are paper straws great for adding a festive touch to an otherwise plain party cup but they also make for a fun crafting supply.

Paper straws in Halloween colors (I used approx. seven packs of 12 straws)
– Card stock
Bakers twine (in Halloween colors)
– Craft glue
– Ruler, pencil and craft scissors
Make a BOO and EEK Halloween sign using paper party straws, tacky craft glue and cardstock.

BOO! How to make a Halloween door hanger with paper straws

Sketch out the letters B-O-O and E-E-K the height of the paper straw.

Since straws are straight, the letters are square instead of rounded at the curves. Cut out.

Sketch out words BOO and EEK to make Halloween text graphic signs using paper party straws and craft tacky glue.

Optional: If you want to hang the letters, cut a long piece of bakers twine, loop it around a letter and double knot the ends together.

Tie a piece of Halloween bakers twine around DIY Halloween BOO and EEK signs.
Apply tacky craft glue to a section of the letter and adhere the straws.

Use a ruler to measure and cut straws for smaller sections.

Once the straws are set, trim them at the corners and edges.

Use tacky craft glue to adhere Halloween paper party straws to cardstock BOO and EEK letters for DIY Halloween home decorations.

EEK! How to make a Halloween BOO door hanger with paper straws

How’s this for BOO-ti-fully easy DIY Halloween decor?

EEK! How to make Halloween wall hanger or door decor with Halloween paper party straws.
BOO! EEK! Crafty paper party straws as DIY Halloween home decorations for mantel decor or door hangers.
Hang these iconic Halloween phrases on your mantel, on a door in place of a wreath, or use as decorative wall art.
BOO! DIY Halloween paper straw decorations or front door hanger-wreath.