INSIDE: Use metal strapping tape to make easy and affordable hanging orb shape planter. DIY planter for hanging on patio or tree.

How to make your own hanging planter |

On vacation, in a picturesque coastal town, was when I first saw a planter hanging from a tree. Totally loved the look and Hello! inspiration. I came home determined to replicate the look.

A year later (because why should a DIY project get done quickly?!), I finally came around to making my DIY hanging tree planter.

Inspired by the modern and industrial designs I was seeing in catalogs, I created a hanging planter for $10 in hardware supplies …minus the designer sticker shock!

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How to Make Hanging Planter For $10 In Supplies

Hanging Orb Planter Supplies
– 3/4″ galvanized steel hanging tape 
– 3/4″ steel screw and nut (I used two sets)
– wire snips
– spray paint (optional)
– hanging planter material: coconut liner, soil and plants
metal chain link or bungee cord

DIY hanging orb planter

how to make hanging planter for a tree

Other than having to make a second trip to the hardware store to buy more materials, and having to pause to tend to a metal-induced scratch, this project came together very quickly!

How To  #1:
Determine how big you want your orb to be. Cut metal accordingly.

I cut four pieces that will be shaped oval-like, using two sets of 10′ of galvanized metal with material leftover.

How To #2:
I made the first oval shape, overlapping the ends and inserted the screw.

I then made the second oval shape, starting and stopping where the screw was. Repeat for each piece.

In a ‘nutshell’, I used one screw and nut to attach all four strips of metal at the bottom of the orb.

DIY hanging orb planter
How To #3:
With the planter part made, I then took a smaller metal strip, formed a circle and placed it atop the orb.

To attach this section to the orb planter, I centered it atop the four metal strips and used a second screw and nut to secure it.

DIY hanging orb planter
How To #4:
Depending on what color you prefer, I gave my planter a spray of brown paint to mimic the look of industrial, rusted metal.

DIY hanging orb planter
How To #5:
Once dry, insert a coconut liner, soil and plants.

Hang via metal chain link or small bungee cord attached to the small metal circle atop the orb.

I’m loving this hanging orb planter. I may just make some more!

How to make your own hanging planter |
What gardening DIY have you been inspired to create?

How to make your own hanging planter |

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