INSIDE: How to turn an empty part of a kids closet into a cute and cozy DIY reading nook. How to stencil wall with Fish Scale stencil from Stencil Revolution.

Get the kids reading with cute comfy DIY reading nook in corner of empty closet.

In my daughter’s decent-sized bedroom closet were many, many collections of random things. Hello, squirrel! It was during one of those iconic parental the mess is getting to me, I can’t take it anymore moments that the decluttering and reorganizing revealed an empty corner in her closet.

Instead of sitting empty and lonely, waiting for another round of random things, this closet corner would make for a cute little reading nook. It would give this avid reader a place to hide out from her younger brothers and enjoy her reading in peace while also (fingers crossed!) providing a sense of order to a tween’s bedroom closet.

Got an empty space at home? Channel your (closet) craftiness into a cozy reading nook…

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How to Make a Kids Closet Reading Nook

Our closet corner took shape with the addition of an amazing stencil from Stencil Revolution. My daughter selected the Fish Scale Stencil. The pattern made the closet corner the cozy and inviting space it became!

Stencil Supplies:
– Paint
Small roller or paintbrush
– Painter’s tape

Other Supplies:
Floor cushion
Decorative pillows
Optional: Fabric, tacks and ribbon

how to make cozy closet kids reading nook

I love any excuse to get rid of stuff and make better use of a space! Reading nooks, no exception.

Start with a cleaned-out corner.

Clean out a corner of a closet to make a cute cozy DIY kids reading nook.

Use painter’s tape to secure the Stencil Revolution stencil onto the closet wall. Having stenciled several walls (and one ceiling!) in my home, this stencil is amazingly large. It covered the entire height of the closet wall for faster application.

Use painter's tape to secure Stencil Revolution Fish Scale pattern stencil onto wall to secure for painting.

Because the closet corner was small, I opted to use a paint brush to better control the paint. The entire process took me about an hour!

Use small paint brush to stencil fish scale pattern by Stencil Revolution onto wall for DIY kids closet reading nook.

how to transform empty closet into a kids reading nook

I used the existing clothing rod to add a canopy roof to this reading corner. I repurposed a sheer piece of fabric I had on hand and secured it to the closet wall with upholstery tacks.

Make a DIY reading nook using sheer fabric and upholstery tacks to create a canopy roof for kids closet reading corner.

how to transform empty closet into cute DIY reading nook

Add some pillows and a floor cushion for a soft and comfy place to relax.

If desired, add some artwork like this 3D “Read” sign or a book basket.

How to transform empty corner of a closet into DIY reading nook for kids.

I think I need to do a closet clean out and make my own DIY reading nook …or just find a place to hide out from the family!

Get the kids reading with cute comfy DIY reading nook in corner of empty closet.

Where do you hide out and read?

How to make a cute kids reading nook in a bedroom closet.

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