INSIDE: How to build a kids wooden sandbox using affordable redwood fence posts for outdoor summer play. DIY backyard play with sandbox for kids.

How do you start your weekends? If my husband had his way, we’d sleep in and lounge around. Wrong wife, wrong life! As soon as he’s had a few sips of coffee, I hit him with my standard, “What’s our plan for the weekend?” After a dozen years of marriage, he knows I’m referring to what Weekend Warrior-DIY projects we will check off the home To Do.

One of these many projects has been to build the kids a wooden sandbox to get them outside to play. And add a fabric canopy cover to keep the Arizona sun at bay.

There’s nothing quite like hauling home lumber to get the weekend started right! Here’s how to easily build a DIY kids sandbox using redwood fence posts.

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How to Make Affordable and Easy Kids Backyard Sandbox

Several years ago, while away for the weekend, I came home to a pine sandbox in the backyard. Surprise! Due to our harsh Arizona sun, this little pine sandbox fell apart after a couple years.

Now with a trio of kids, we were in need of not only a larger sandbox but one that would withstand our desert climate. Some research later, we learned that redwood is a great weather-proof wood. But, it’s pricey! That’s when we realized we could get the same effect with redwood fence posts. And it was only $2 per board!

– Redwood fence posts (they come in 6′ length, 5″ wide sections)
Skill saw (or jig saw)
– 2 x 4 wood
Wood screws (or deck screws)
Landscape fabric
– Staple gun
– Bags of play sand

How to Use $2 Fence Posts for Easy Backyard Sandbox

Step 1: 
Measure out the width and depth of the sand box.  This is necessary to build your frame.

Step 2: 
Notice that the fence posts are dog eared. Use a skill saw to cut off these ends in order to get a full size board. We did these for eight boards.

Proceed to cut the boards the length and width of your sandbox measurements (from Step 1).

How to build a kids backyard sandbox from redwood fence pickets. Use TYLENOL to soothe DIY muscle aches and pains. | Dazzle While
Step 3:
Cut the 2×4 into eight pieces 11” high. Since the width of the boards are about 5”, the walls will be made of two boards placed horizontally on top of each other. Two of the 2X4 cuts will be nailed together to serve as the posts.

Step 4:
Use wood screws to secure the boards onto the 2×4 posts.

Step 5:
Once you have the frame built, turn it over and spread the landscape fabric across the bottom.

Use a staple gun to secure the fabric to the underside of the boards.  Cut off any excess fabric.

Step 6:
If you want seating, take two more redwood boards and cut the length of the sandbox sides. Nail these into the side posts.

Step 7: 
Place the sandbox frame in your yard.  Pour in the play sand and enjoy!!

Learn how to make this custom sandbox cover for optimal shade. A must for summertime play!

how to build cheap diy sandbox for kids

“Isn’t this a great use of our weekend?”, I exclaim to my weary husband. As he complains of his backache and muscle pains from being bent down building a sandbox all weekend, my project contribution was to help him relieve his achiness with TYLENOL® 8 HR Muscle Aches & Pain. Get temporary relief of muscular aches and get back to… the next home project!

What Weekend Warrior projects have you created for your kids?

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