INSIDE: How to turn a v-neck t-shirt into a sleeveless ruffled tank top for a cool and cute summer! DIY t-shirt tank top tutorials.

Add ruffles and pleats to a t-shirt turned tank top tutorial for ladies summer fashion.

I’m not much of a t-shirt wearer. This must be a genetic thing as I have an 9-year old who has the same “t-shirt issues”. Give us a tank top any day of the week! And yet, I still seem to have a stack of random t-shirts that I seldom wear, most collected as freebies from events.

So just like lemons, when life hands you some t-shirt you aren’t going to wear, you transform it into something you know you will wear. Grab your scissors and start cutting ’cause it’s tank top season!

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How to Make Ladies Ruffled Tank Top from T-Shirt

DIY t-shirt hacks are all the rage and so I’m giving you one more! Darn Pinterest!!


– T-shirt
– Sewing scissors
– Straight pins
Sewing machine

How to use a t-shirt to make a DIY ruffled tank top for summer.

Make a Cute Ladies Ruffled Tank Top T-Shirt Hack

Lay the t-shirt flat. Start by cutting the sleeves off. Save these pieces!!

Lay a t-shirt flat and cut off the sleeves to make a tank top.
Next, cut off the neck line trim, making the neckline the depth you like. I also cut off the hem at the bottom of the t-shirt, trimming the shirt to a shorter length. SAVE ALL SCRAPS!

How to transform a t-shirt into a fun ruffled sleeveless tank top.

How To Easily Add Ruffles to a T-Shirt Tank Top

Remember how you saved the sleeves and any trim from the bottom of the t-shirt?

Cut open the sleeves so you have two flat pieces. Now cut 1″ wide strips from the sleeves.

Pin in a pleated fashion from the shoulder towards the bottom of the v-neck. Many of these strips were layered on top of one another. Sew down the middle of each strip.

How to add pleats and ruffles to a t-shirt turned into a DIY tank top for summer.

I’m pretty sure this t-shirt never hit the donation bin because I loved the color! And now as a tank top, I’m even more of a fan.

DIY ruffle pleat tank top from t-shirt.

What’s your fave thing to wear come tank top season?

Add ruffles and pleats to a t-shirt turned tank top tutorial for ladies summer fashion.



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