INSIDE: How to make DIY “Eat” and “Yum” text napkin rings using letterboard letters, scrapbook paper and toilet paper tubes.

DIY HO HO HO Christmas letterboard message board paper napkin rings

I’ve had grand plans to make the fam one of those trendy letter boards. You know, those $50 boards that probably cost $10 to make. As with so many of these wannabe DIY projects on my Pinterest boards, its yet to happen!

Nevertheless, I have the letterboard letters …but no board.

So while I wait for the day and time to come when I can make said message board, I’ve used the letters to make DIY word napkin rings instead.

From “YUM” to “HO HO HO”, use letterboard letters and toilet paper tubes to make DIY message board napkin rings and tell your dinner guests to “EAT”!

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How to Make “Eat” and “Yum” Text Napkin Rings

My sister sweet talked me into selling toilet paper tubes on eBay. Translation: my collecting these cardboard tubes while she turns the profit! Needless to say, my collection is large, my pockets still empty but my crafty cardboard tube supplies full.

– Toilet paper rolls
Letterboard letters (1″ in size or smaller)
– Colorful scrapbook paper
Craft glue
– Sharp knife
DIY letterboard word napkin rings

How to Make Graphic Napkin Rings with Message Board Letters

After laying out the letter message onto the toilet paper roll, I trimmed off the excess.
DIY message board letterboard toilet paper roll napkin rings

Use the length of the cardboard tube to measure and cut colorful scrapbook paper. Glue the paper around the toilet paper roll, overlapping slightly at the back.

How to Use Message Board Letters for DIY Napkin Rings

Gently press the letterboard letters onto the cardboard roll. Because of the little ‘nubs’ on the back of the letters, they will leave an indent in the paper.

Use the tip of a sharp knife to poke a small hole through the tube and insert the letter. Do this for each letter of your message.
How to make message board paper napkin ring holders

Regardless of the season, customize your message to suit the table decor.

DIY HO HO HO Christmas letterboard message board paper napkin rings

It’s also a great way to give your youngest table guests a subtle message, like “EAT”!

"YUM" and "EAT" word paper napkin rings

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