INSIDE: DIY living room beach gallery wall around a wall mounted television. How to decorate with eclectic thrift store finds.

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How to decorate a gallery wall around a TV. DIY beach themed gallery feature wall ideas around a television

Raise your hand if you have a big honking wall-mounted TV. Maybe one that sits smack in the middle of a wall? If so, we’re all part of the How to Decorate Around Wall TV club. Lucky you.

For the longest time, the TV sat alone. Dominating the space. Eventually a large canvas print joined it. That just looked awkward; it needed more friends.

Here’s how to design an eclectic (in my case, beach-themed) gallery wall around a wall mounted television. Because you don’t want that oversized tv to get lonely…

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How to Make Fun & Eclectic Gallery Wall Around Television

Got scrap paper? My mother saves me all her excess paper. Stuff she gets in the mail that she X’s out and hauls to my home in a rather large stack. It’s meant for the kids to use for their chicken scratch and doodles. Somewhere in the chaos of everyday, they wind up using my brand new printer paper while I reach for the stack of previously folded, dog-eared paper scraps.

However, old paper comes in really handy when planning a gallery wall!

Save yourself needless nail holes. Tape (scrap) paper together, cut into shapes and sizes to mimic the variety of items you plan to display. It’s a great way to play with the layout and move things around. Without needing spackle.

Use paper scraps to layout gallery wall design before nailing. How to design gallery wall around wall mounted TV.
Can you find the retro wall speaker in this photo?!

How to Make Easy Gallery Wall Around Television

I love to mix eclectic pieces of art and photos together to create a unique statement.

They can be items you’ve picked up while traveling, items “shopped” from other rooms in your home or, even better yet, crazy crafty stuff you’ve made.

So, how do you create a gallery wall? 

How to design a gallery wall around a mounted TV on console.

how to decorate around a wall mounted tv

Gallery walls can be a unique way to tell a story or showcase a theme. In my case, it would be funky beach.

As Arizonans, we “escape” our desert heat each summer with a couple weeks of sand and sea. Fortunately I have a trio of “beach bums” and a husband who doesn’t mind the 6-hour drive in exchange for some cool(er) days.

How to decorate a gallery wall around a TV. DIY beach themed gallery feature wall ideas around a television

I completed the gallery wall with a high quality artificial tropical palm tree from Commercial Silk. You can find more tropical trees and other artificial plants at

Complete a gallery feature wall with artificial plant from Commercial Silk.

more gallery wall ideas!

Use an old staircase banister for unique gallery wall!

Staircase Banister from salvage yard turned into unique Gallery Photo Display

Couples-only master bedroom gallery wall!

DIY layout a photo and art gallery wall in your home |

How can you make a special wall in your home?

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