INSIDE: How to make a fun and fast DIY loaded hot chocolate gift mug for adults with marshmallows and Baileys. DIY painted coffee mug.

Easy adult hot chocolate gift mug. Hand painted coffee mug for DIY hot chocolate gift.

One of the many crazy memories I have from my college days was adding a few drops of liquid warmth to a carafe of hot chocolate to get through a particularly painful night class. Pretty wild, since I would now throttle my kids if they did the same!

But sometimes we need more than just a steaming mug of gourmet hot chocolate to get us through [insert adult drama here].

Gift a friend a fun DIY loaded hot chocolate gift mug for when they need some extra liquid warmth!
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How to Make Fun Loaded Hot Chocolate Gift Mug

If I can paint a pint-sized chocolate bar on a curved coffee mug, so can you. Of course, it helped that I waited until the paints were dry to reward myself to the gift basket!

– Plain white coffee mug
– Acrylic paints (You can also use oil-based Sharpie markers)
– Hot chocolate packets
– Marshmallows (Tied in a small baggie with ribbon)
Airplane sized bottle of Bailey’s Irish Cream

DIY Hot Chocolate Gift Set

Start by sketching the design with a pencil onto the mug.
DIY handmade hot chocolate mug gift basket


Paint the various parts of a loaded hot chocolate, starting at the top of the mug and working towards the bottom to avoid smearing. If using acrylic paints, let things dry between layers.
Hand painted coffee mug with acrylic paints oil based Sharpies for handmade gift idea

Once done, let the mug completely dry. Then preheat the oven to 300° and stick the mug into the cold oven. Let it “bake” for 30 minutes.
Make a handpainted DIY adult only hot chocolate mug

hot cocoa in a mug gift basket

Fill the DIY mug with packets of hot chocolate mix, fill a baggie with marshmallows (tied with a ribbon) and an airplane-sized bottle of whatever mixes well with steaming liquid chocolate.
Easy adult hot chocolate gift mug. Hand painted coffee mug for DIY hot chocolate gift.DIY hand painted coffee mug to make a loaded adult hot chocolate gift set.

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