INSIDE: DIY “Lucky” St. Patrick’s Day rainbow garland. Fast and easy felt craft for St. Patrick’s Day home decor.

DIY Lucky St. Patrick's Day felt garland for easy home decor

Are you “lucky”? I am not. I never win at raffles, rarely is my name drawn from a hat nor can I brag about claiming the grand prize. Maybe my “luck” is simply getting through today to craft again tomorrow!?

But each March, I can bring a little touch of good luck to my home. Forget the leprechauns or dressing in green. I want to get “lucky” this St. Patrick’s Day. With a crafty garland, that is. (Where is your mind! :0)

Bring on your own St. Patty’s Day luck with an easy and simple felt garland for home decorating…
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How to Make a “Lucky” St. Patrick’s Day Rainbow Garland

You’re in luck! This is a “quickie” craft to add a touch of Irish to your home this green holiday. Make it rainbow or full-on green, whichever will help you find that heads-up shiny penny or get your name picked from a paddy cap.

– Narrow green ribbon
Felt craft sheets
– Large letter stencils
Pom poms
– Hot glue gun
– Craft scissors
DIY felt rainbow St. Patrick's Day "lucky" garland home decor

how to make easy felt st. patrick’s day felt garland

Lay your letter stencils on the felt craft sheet to trace. Cut out. My letters were approx. 5″ in height.

Can’t find letter stencils? Type the letters out in a word document and print on your home printer.
Make a rainbow St. Patrick's Day "lucky" garland for Irish home decor

Add a “lucky” clover to this DIY St. Patrick’s Day rainbow garland. Download and print out the template for personal use only.
Royalty free four leaf clover template for DIY St. Patrick's Day crafts

Heat up the hot glue gun and adhere the top of each letter to the ribbon.

On each side of the word “Lucky”, hot glue a few rainbow pom poms.
Hot glue gun rainbow craft pom poms to a DIY "lucky" St. Patrick's Day garland for Irish home decor

easy and fast rainbow st. patrick’s day “lucky” garland

We all need a little luck now and then. Bring on all things lucky and green this St. Patrick’s Day with a DIY “Lucky” felt and pom pom garland.
Use felt and pom poms to craft a "lucky" St. Patrick's Day garland for home decor

How do you celebrate St. Patrick’s Day?
DIY Lucky St. Patrick's Day felt garland for easy home decor

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