INSIDE: How to turn a table runner into a DIY magazine rack. Re-purpose a vintage firewood holder into magazine and book storage rack.

Use new fabric to make DIY magazine rack with removable liner to organize books and magazines.

So, this is a double whammy of a re-purposing project! What do you do when find a vintage firewood holder – that you don’t need because you live in the sizzling desert – but you love its brass bottom? And what do you do when you have a colorfully fun table runner that you no longer use? Well, you combine them together, after all.

If you have way too many magazines pilling up on your night stand (like yours truly here), you need somewhere to put that leaning tower of reading. In my effort to pay homage to my grandma and waste not, this old firewood holder was converted into a modern magazine rack. Because no one wants to be squashed by reading material in the middle of the night!

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How to Make Re-purposed Easy Magazine Rack

– Firewood holder (OR existing fabric-covered magazine rack)
– Table runner (OR durable fabric like duck cloth or home decorating fabric)
– Sewing scissors + straight pins
Double fold bias tape
Sewing machine

Turn an old firewood holder into a DIY magazine rack with re-purposed table runner.

how to make table runner into a diy magazine rack

I decided to use a table runner I was no longer using. You can follow the same process using fabric.

Remove the original fabric of the firewood holder. Keep it as intact as much as possible. You will use it as a template for the new liner.

Lay the table runner (or fabric) wrong side up. Place the original liner on top of it and trace the outline, leaving enough fabric for the fold over the hanging rods.

How to re-purpose and re-use a table runner for a DIY magazine rack.

Apply double wide bias tape along the cut lines. Bias tape covers the raw edge of fabric as an easy cheat!

Sew the bias tape in place (OR use fabric glue).

Use double wide bias tape to raw edge of table runner turned DIY magazine rack holder.

NOW, pin the folds down and sew that into place.

Use sewing machine or fabric glue to secure double wide bias tape to raw edge of old table runner turned into DIY magazine rack.

How to Make DIY Magazine Rack from Firewood Holder

Insert the hanging rods through the new fabric liner. Voila!

How to make a DIY magazine rack for home storage and book magazine organization.

How fun! And now all those who-has-time-to-read-why-do-I-subscribe magazines (and let’s be honest, sometimes books) have a place to go other than gathering dust next to my bed.

Use new fabric to make DIY magazine rack with removable liner to organize books and magazines.

What have you transformed recently? Let me know in the comments.

Add vintage touch to home with thrift store upcycled firewood holder turned DIY magazine rack.

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