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Create an eclectic home with metal mesh baskets turned hanging pendant light fixtures.

I have an in-house handyman. He’s okay being paid with home cooked meals and clean laundry, and doesn’t roll his eyes too much at my DIY project requests. So one can only imagine his groans when he was asked to help me transform two large metal baskets – formerly used for shucking corn – into hanging light fixtures. (I think the title “husband” keeps him from walking off the job in protest!)

And this is where he could be found one weekend, standing high up on a ladder, neck craned toward the ceiling. Poor guy not only had to take down a very traditional (aka: very heavy) crystal chandelier but then figure out how to hang these wacky metal baskets procured from a thrift store. Thank goodness for marriage vows!

I do know that when he undertakes such Weekend Warrior projects, he’ll usually feel it the next day. So along with my cheerleading from my safety of having two feet firmly on the ground, I also have Aleve Back & Muscle Pain* on hand …so we can tackle the next DIY project! 

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How to Make Metal Baskets into Easy Hanging Light Fixtures

In our home, we aren’t afraid of color, we don’t shy away from being eclectic and we never back away from reflecting who we are. There’s too much life to be had …including hanging baskets upside down from the ceiling!

Two metal baskets (ours were made of mesh wire)
IKEA Hemma light kit
– Pliers
– Screwdriver
– Measuring tape
– Light bulbs (to fit the light kit)

How to repurpose metal baskets from a thrift store into DIY hanging light pendants by using an IKEA Hemma lighting kit.

how to make hanging lights from thrifted metal baskets

Flip the metal basket over so it’s bottoms up. Use a measuring tape to determine the middle.

Turn metal baskets upside down and measure to determine the middle for DIY hanging baskets turned light pendants.

Use pliers to cut a small hole in the middle of the basket. Ideally, it should be the width of the lighting kit to fit through.

Use pliers to cut a hole through a basket to fit a light kit through for DIY hanging basket light pendants.

Sandwich the basket through the light kit.

Determine how the baskets will hang. We opted to hang our baskets upside down.

Sandwich an IKEA Hemma light kit through a metal basket for DIY hanging basket light pendants.

how to easily hang baskets as ceiling lighting fixtures

As mentioned, we simply took down one light fixture and placed this new (wacky) one in its place.

My handyman knows enough about wiring to not get himself into too much trouble (or sent to the hospital) but when in doubt, have an electrician help you out.

How to hang metal mesh vintage baskets as DIY hanging pendant lights.
As avid DIY-ers, our weekends are often full of projects as well as the tag team parenting of our three young kiddos. There’s no time for downtime!

We keep Aleve on hand for all those neck craning, standing on a ladder Weekend Warrior projects. We #neverbackdown from powering through our days of house projects!


Update a room with metal mesh thrift store baskets into DIY hanging pendant light fixtures.
Upcycle vintage corn shucking baskets into farmhouse industrial pendant lighting for home.

I found Aleve Back & Muscle Pain at my local Walmart in the pain relief aisle. Look for it there …and keep DIY-ing!

Find Aleve Back and Muscle Pain at Walmart in the pain relief aisle.

How do you #neverbackdown?

How to be a Weekend Warrior with Aleve Back and Muscle Pain and re-purpose metal baskets into hanging pendant light fixtures.

Never back down from life! 


*Only Aleve offers up to 12 hours of pain relief in just 1 pill. All Day Strong, All Day long. Among leading OTC brands, based on minimum labelled dosing. Use as directed.

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