INSIDE: How to quickly and easily add pom poms to a blanket throw. Easy sewing craft for home decorating and kids bedroom decor.

Use Pomp a Doodle yarn to add cute pom poms to blanket throw.

My 9 year old loves Pinterest! I probably shouldn’t be too surprised that she has figured out how to make boards, plan her own birthday parties and find craft ideas for when she’s bored. Needless to say, this new found skill has also given her plenty of opinions on how she wants her bedroom to be styled. Groan.

One such idea she’s presented me with is to have a cute blanket throw casually tossed across the foot of her bed. Given she’s only 9, and her style will change innumerably before she takes off for college, I’m not about to drop too much cash (or too much of my time) getting her room Pinterest-worthy!

So when I found a heavily discounted cozy blanket throw and some awesome pom pom yarn for $4, I {think} I made this picky girl Pinterest pleased!

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How to Easily, Quickly Add Pom Poms to Blanket

I l-o-v-e pom poms so this was an easy project for me to undertake! And having premade pom poms makes projects even faster!

You have to buy some pre-made pom pom yarn today! It’s not only super soft but you’ll find tons of crafty things to do with it.

– Blanket throw
Pom pom yarn
Seam ripper
– Straight pins + sewing scissors
– Sewing machine

Use blanket throw and pom pom doodle yarn to make DIY blanket with pom pom accessories for kids and home decor.

How to Use Pom Pom Yarn to Accessorize Blanket

Unravel some of the pom pom yarn. Cut off sections of the individual pom poms, leaving enough thread on each side.

Use a seam ripper to rip the seam on a small section of the blanket. Insert the individual pom pom between the layers of the blanket.

Learn how to make a pom pom blanket throw using plain blanket and Pomp a Doodle pom pom yarn.

I used a ruler to space out each pom pom and secured with a straight pin. Do this around the four sides of the blanket. It actually goes faster than it sounds!

Use seam ripper to rip out seam in blanket throw to insert pom poms from Pomp a Doodle yarn. Secure with sewing straight pin.

How to Make Cute and Easy Pom Pom Blanket Throw

Run the pom pom blanket through the sewing machine. Or, use a machine washable fabric glue to secure instead.

Sew pom poms onto blanket throw to make it a cute pom pom blanket for kids or home decor.

Super cute and cozy, don’t you think? Think my Pinterest-lover is happy.

DIY easy, cute, cozy blanket accessorized with pom poms using Pomp a Doodle yarn. Cute kids blanket throw.

Pom poms make me so happy! #smallthrills

Use Pomp a Doodle yarn to add cute pom poms to blanket throw.

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