INSIDE: Turn photos into easy to sew drawer and closet scented rice sachets. DIY easy handmade holiday or personalized gift ideas.

DIY easy handmade gifts for holidays, birthdays, friends with photo scented drawer closet sachets |

In the handful of years I’ve had children, I’ve come to learn that if I stick the kids’ photos – on anything – I’m pretty much golden gift-wise with the grandmas!

So if you need an easy gift to give to that tough-to-buy-for friend (or your mother), pull out your printer and scour your phone for fun photos to craft these DIY scented photo sachets. Because who doesn’t want a great smelling sock drawer!

So let’s get homemade crafty…

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How to Make DIY Scented Drawers Photo Sachets

If you have an overflowing basket of fabric scraps, like yours truly, this is a great crafty way to make a dent in that leaning tower of fabric. Additionally, you can make this a no-sew project by using fabric glue.

Lightweight cotton fabric
– Print & Iron Cotton Fabric Sheets (this is the type I used)
Sewing machine (or fabric glue)
– Sewing scissors and straight pins
– Iron
– Potpourri (Ideas: lavender, rosebuds, citrus peels, rice with essential oils)

Embroidery thread
– Felt fabric
How to make scented photo sachet as personalized gifts |

How to Sew Photo Drawer Sachets as Homemade Gifts

Follow the directions on the cotton fabric sheets to print the photos.

Once dry, cut out and place face up on the fabric. According to the directions, iron the photos onto the fabric.

Use print and iron cotton fabric sheets to make DIY scented photo closet drawer sachets |

If desired, use embroidery thread and felt to further personalize the photo sachets.

DIY handmade photo sachets for closets and drawers |
Use the size of the front of the sachets to cut fabric for the backs of the sachets. Pin the pieces together, wrong sides facing each other. Sew OR use fabric glue to secure THREE of the sides.

I filled the sachets with rice scented with essential oil, like lavender.

Once filled, pin and sew (or glue) the fourth side of the sachets.

DIY handmade drawer sachets and fill with rice scented with essential oils |

 how to make scented drawer and closet sachets

DIY easy sew drawer and closet photo sachets |
Who doesn’t want a nice smelling closet or drawer?

DIY easy handmade gifts for holidays, birthdays, friends with photo scented drawer closet sachets |
Do you enjoy giving handmade, homemade gifts? Let me know in the comments.

Meanwhile, I know I’ll have some happy grandmas!

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