INSIDE: How to make a spooky sweet DIY candy corn Halloween wreath using cardboard and Halloween tulle ribbon.

Decorate your front door for Halloween with DIY candy corn wreath made with orange, yellow and white tulle ribbon.

I have a confession. I’ve never tried a candy corn. There, I said it. Out loud and to the whole blogosphere. I have nothing against the triangle-shaped, tri-colored candy; they’ve just never looked like they were worth a run around my neighborhood the next day!

But, that doesn’t mean I can’t decorate in all things white, orange and yellow.

Armed with a piece of cardboard, some packing tape and lots of tulle ribbon, I hung a large candy corn on my door instead of popping a handful into my mouth!

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How To Make Spooky Sweet Candy Corn Halloween Wreath

We’ll just add candy corn to the long list of foods I’ve yet to try. Up there with bologna sandwiches and “real” sushi! It’s much more sweet to decorate in the end, don’t you think?

– Cardboard (or foamcore)
– Packing tape (needed if using cardboard
White tulle ribbon
Yellow tulle ribbon
Orange tulle ribbon
– Black ribbon
Hot glue gun
– Halloween floral spray
– Assorted plastic Halloween toys, such as spider rings, eyeballs or spiderweb glasses
Optional: black cat Halloween plant stake

how to make a candy corn door hanger with cardboard

Use cardboard cut into triangle pieces to make a DIY candy corn Halloween door hanger.

Cut TWO large triangles from a piece of cardboard.

Place the two pieces together and secure the sides with packing tape. Leave the large end of the triangle open so that it mimics a pocket.

Wrap packing tape around two cardboard triangles to make a DIY Halloween candy corn door hanger.

Start wrapping the white tulle around the bottom of the triangle. Next wrap the orange tulle followed by the yellow tulle at the largest part of the triangle. The sections will become wider as you move up the triangle.

You may need to double wrap to fully cover the cardboard from peeking through the tulle ribbon.

Wrap a cardboard cut into a large triangle shape with white, orange and yellow tulle ribbon to mimic a large Halloween candy corn.

Now you can fill the cardboard pocket with a sparkly Halloween floral spray, or a Halloween plant stake.

DIY candy corn Halloween door hanger by taping two cardboard triangles together and creating a pocket at the top of the candy corn to fill with Halloween floral spray and Halloween plant stakes.

how to repurpose cardboard into easy candy corn door decor

Decorate the front of the candy corn door hanger with assorted plastic Halloween toys like iconic spider rings, eye balls or spiderweb glasses cut in half.

Secure all these various pieces, including a large black bow, with a hot glue gun.

Decorate front of a DIY candy corn door hanger with plastic Halloween toys lilke spider rings, plastic eyeballs and spiderweb glasses.

So… should I give in and try these corny candy trifecta?

Decorate your front door for Halloween with DIY candy corn wreath made with orange, yellow and white tulle ribbon.

Use many of the same candy corn supplies and make a traditional Halloween front door wreath instead:

Use orange, yellow, white mesh tulle and black ribbon to make a candy corn Halloween front door wreath.

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