INSIDE: How to make an easy DIY spring yarn wreath using faux yellow daffodils. Easy springtime front door wreath decor.

Make a pretty daffodil front door wreath for spring home decor using faux daffodil flowers and green yarn wrapped around a foam wreath.

So, I have a first world problem for you… Which holiday do you decorate for when St. Patrick’s Day and Easter fall back-to-back to each other? I tend to go with which holiday has the greater number of items stuffed in a storage box in the garage! And that tends to be all things hippity hoppity.

This springtime project came about when unpacking that Easter decoration box. There, I found a bag of faux daffodils. I cannot remember how I came to be the lucky owner of these fake daffodils but they were clearly packed away for some crafty purpose.

So to get the most enjoyment out of those plastic eggs and fluffy bunnies, I quickly transformed a dollar store shamrock wreath into something better suited for spring…

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Make Easy, Pretty Spring Yarn Wreath with Faux Daffodils

As I unpacked that Easter box, I also unpacked a bag a faux daffodil heads. No stems; just the flower heads. I’m pretty sure my creative 8-year old had something to do with why I was staring at a bag of flower heads. And that’s how I found myself swapping out shamrocks for spring daffodils.

Foam wreath
– Green yarn
Yellow faux daffodil flowers
– Straight pins
– Ribbon

How to Make Spring Yarn Wreath with Faux Daffodils

As I learned when first creating the dollar store St. Patrick’s Day wreath, I had a great (albeit not-so-well-thought-out) idea to wrap the entire foam wreath form with the green yarn. Until I realized how time-consuming this would be. Scratch that.

Instead, I haphazardly covered the wreath with yarn, leaving much of the white foam exposed.
DIY springtime green yarn wreath with faux daffodils

easy diy faux daffodil spring wreath

Use straight pins to secure the daffodil (heads) to one side of the wreath.
Use straight pins to secure spring daffodils onto foam wreath covered with green yarn.

Arrange the daffodils in a whimsical manner.

Arrange faux daffodils in a whimsical manner onto a green yarn foam wreath for spring front door decor.
Leave a section daffodil-free and wrap a large and colorful ribbon around the wreath and make a bow.
Add a colorful large ribbon to a green yarn spring daffodil wreath.

easy spring yarn and faux daffodil wreath tutorial

So, if you find yourself looking at a bag of flower heads (Seriously, where did the stems go?!), you can still save the craft by turning those fake flowers into a great spring yarn wreath.
Colorful yellow daffodil spring wreath with green yarn wrapped around a foam wreath.

What random things have you found in a storage box?

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