INSIDE: DIY “You Have Stamped My Heart” kids Valentine’s Day card. Cute (and free) printable Valentine’s Day card with stamper attached.

There’s nothing sweeter than the classroom Valentine’s Day card exchange. That morning, you see kids of all ages walking into school with their often-homemade Valentine’s card box. They then come home that afternoon, dump out their loot and go through each little card like it’s Halloween! Don’t you wish we adults could still have this simple joy?

However, we are never too old to have our hearts stamped by love. Send the kiddos to the classroom Valentine card exchange with cute printable “You Have Stamped My Heart” Valentine’s Day cards. Just print and attach the stamper.

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“You Have Stamped My Heart” Kids Valentine’s Day Card

This DIY kids Valentine Day card is just as easy as buying something pre-made at the store.

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– White cardstock for a home printer
– Valentine-themed mini stampers
– Washi tape or ribbon

Fun and Easy “You Have Stamped My Heart” Kids Valentine Card

This is a fun project to do together with your child. Or, an easy project to do solo with Netflix and a glass of wine!

Simply print out, cut and attach a mini stamper with washi tape.

Download to print out at home. Link below. For personal use only.

“You Have Stamped My Heart” Valentine’s Day card

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