INSIDE: How to make a DIY 10-minute succulent Valentine’s Day wreath from re-purposed heart chocolate treat box.

DIY Succulent Valentine's Day Wreath |

Don’t ask me why I’ve held onto a satin Valentine’s Day chocolate box. But, stored away in my holiday decorations box, has been this heart-shaped box for the past couple of years. Finally, I’ve thought of something crafty to do with it this Valentine’s Day season.

Gathering a few supplies, I quickly — like within 10 minutes — put together a unique DIY succulent Valentine’s Day wreath. Grab your hot glue gun, a sampling of faux succulents and a couple lace paper doilies…

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How to Make 10-Minute DIY Succulent Valentine’s Day Wreath

If anything, this ‘sweet’ Valentine’s Day craft is a good reason to pick up a fancy box of chocolates! This project is so easy you can craft + enjoy those chocolate covered ‘mysteries’ at the same time. Here’s how to do it…

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– Heart-shaped chocolate box
Lace paper doilies
– Faux succulents (this is a great variety pack of artificial succulents)
– Hot glue gun
– Scissors
– Decorative ribbon (here’s a great assorted Valentine’s ribbon for future projects)
DIY Succulent Valentine's Day Wreath |

How to Make a Succulent Valentine Wreath from Heart Chocolate Box

With the tip of the scissors, poke two holes into the bottom of the heart box.
DIY Succulent Valentine's Day Wreath |

Again using the tip of the scissors, poke the ribbon through these holes. You will use this ribbon to hang the wreath.
DIY Succulent Valentine's Day Wreath |

If needed, remove any labels or decorations from top of heart box.

Determine where you want to position the lid. Secure with hot glue.
DIY Succulent Valentine's Day Wreath |

Glue a lace doily onto the front of the heart to cover any marks from the original packaging.

Place another doily on the inside of the heart box. I positioned the doily so a section of it would “stick out”.
DIY Succulent Valentine's Day Wreath |

Place the assorted faux succulents inside the box. Secure with hot glue if needed.

Hang and enjoy for a sweet Valentine’s Day front door wreath.
DIY Succulent Valentine's Day Wreath |

How do you enjoy celebrating this Day of Love? Tell me in the comments.

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