INSIDE: How to make fun and easy graffiti beach towels using fabric spray paints. Summertime craft idea to keep kids busy.

Be pool ready with graffiti sprayed beach towels that kids can make this summer.

Has summer vacay hit your house yet? Oh, it’s on in full force over here. Just like the start of a new year, I always begin summer vacation with all sorts of Pinterest-induced creative motivation. Two weeks later, I’m pooped and the kids have taken charge of the loony bin that has become my house!

But summer vacation is still its in infancy and the creative energy is flying high. So this mom found a couple white pool-sized towels that we’re ideal for …graffiti?!

Yes, I gave the kids some spray paint cans and let them go to town on these white towels for a very fun summertime (outdoors) activity. Hopefully this hasn’t inspired them to go paint the side of a sitting locomotive…

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How to Make Fun Graffiti Beach Towels with the Kids

Even given our insane Arizona sun, my kids could be in the pool all day. In and out all day long. Load after load of pool towels to wash. So let’s just add a few more with this graffiti-inspired kids beach towel craft!

– White beach towels
Tulip Color Shot fabric spray paint
Freezer paper
– Iron
– Star template, optional (Download below)

how to make a fun kids swim towel

Depending on the age of your kiddos, you may need to step in and involve yourself.

Print and cut out the star template. 

Print and cut out stars to trace onto freezer paper for DIY stencils for kids summer beach towel craft.

Trace these shapes onto freezer paper. Cut out as many as you need.

Trace shapes onto freezer paper, cut out and use as DIY stencils for kids beach towel craft.

Iron the freezer paper shapes SHINY SIDE DOWN onto the towel.

Iron on freezer paper stencils for DIY kids beach towel summer boredom buster activity.

fun diy beach towel for kids for a cool summer

Now for the fun part!!! Take the towel outside and lay it down on a large drop cloth. (Not exactly too sure what fabric spray paint does to one’s grass!)

Use Tulip Color Shot fabric spray paint to make DIY summer beach towels for kids.

Let the kids go nuts spray painting their towel.

Fun kids summer craft to fabric spray paint white beach towels.

Once all done with the crazy spray painting, peel off the freezer paper stencils to reveal the crisp white towel beneath!

Peel off freezer paper stencils on fabric spray paint beach towel for DIY pool towel craft.

kids summer vacation boredom buster diy beach craft

After 72 hours, these towels can be washed and ready for the pool!

Be pool ready with graffiti sprayed beach towels that kids can make this summer.

Bring on the sun …and the kids home all.summer.long!!

Stars and Stripes red, white and blue DIY pool towel for kids.

How do you spend your lazy summer vacay days? With or without pint-sized friends?!

Be pool ready with DIY swim towels made by kids with Tulip Color Shot fabric spray paints.

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