Inside: How to turn a thrift store twin bed into a DIY superhero kids bed with spray paint and DIY wood superhero emblem.

Easy and fun DIY Superhero Boys Bed

Have you ever noticed that home projects seem to take on their own life? We recently installed new flooring in our kids bedrooms. Yay! Check the box on that long overdue home To Do. However, the act of moving furniture out of rooms quickly led to several furniture updating projects dotting our backyard landscape.

One such project was completely redoing our 5-year old’s Craigslist bed frame to better fit into his superhero themed bedroom. With all the bed frame pieces laying on old sheets across the backyard, this is how we turned a plain wood bed frame into a DIY superhero bed.
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How to Make Fun DIY Superhero Kids Bed

Superhero or not, the boy’s bed needed a fix. His room does not get a lot of natural light so finding a way to brighten it up has been on this DIY momma’s mind. Nothing like an inconvenient home project to get this to happen!

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– Bed frame (Don’t wan to paint? Here’s a pre-painted twin bed frame)
– White paint (Used this paint + primer spray paint)
– Blue paint
Painters tape (Useful for when kids want to tape all sorts of random over their painted doors)
– Wooden circle (Used a 15″ size)
– Wooden flat letter
Felt (So-o-o many things you can make with felt)
– Spray adhesive
– Drill with wood drill bit
– Machine screw
– Locking nut + washer

DIY Superhero Bedroom Decor for Kids

Step #1:
With the bed disassembled, give it a coat of paint + primer. I went through about two cans. Let dry fully.
DIY Superhero Boys Bed |

Step #2:
If adding a second accent color to the bed frame, tape off and cover with paper those areas that you do not want covered in blue spray paint. If you take the time to do this, it’ll save you touch-up headaches!
DIY Superhero Boys Bed |

how to create a superhero wooden emblem

Step #3:
With the bed frame drying all over the backyard, gather the superhero emblem materials.
DIY Superhero Boys Bed |

I painted the top of the circle white and accented the sides with some blue paint I found in the garage. This is where you can become creative given the color scheme likes of the little superhero you’re making this for!
DIY Superhero Boys Bed |

Step #4:
Paint the front and sides of the wooden letter. I used more paint found in the garage. Do you see a theme here? Use what you already have around!
DIY Superhero Boys Bed |

Step #5:
Looking at some examples online, I sketched out an iconic superhero lightening bolt. I used this homemade template to then cut out this shape onto yellow felt.
DIY Superhero Boys Bed |

Step #6:
Drill a hole in the center of the wooden circle.

Center the circle on the headboard. Drill a hole through the headboard. (Aagh! Anything permanent like a hole makes me cringe!)
DIY Superhero Boys Bed |

Step #7:
Insert a screw through the two pieces. Secure with the locking washer and nut at the back of the headboard.
DIY Superhero Boys Bed |

Step #8:
Spray the felt lightening bolt with adhesive glue. Place it centered on the wooden circle emblem, conveniently covering the screw.

Place the wood letter on top of the felt. Secure with a couple carpentry nails.
DIY Superhero Boys Bed |

Here’s to a super night’s rest!
DIY Superhero Boys Bed |

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Easy and fun DIY Superhero Boys Bed

Use (clean) paint can lids to make DIY superhero wall emblems.

DIY superhero gallery wall using paint can lid superhero emblems |

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